The Right Needs To Focus on Becoming Government Watchdogs, Not on Idolizing Politicians

By Janice Barlow

To venture where I am about to feels like entering into enemy territory. It shouldn’t. I am, after all, a conservative.  And I espouse most of the ideology of the Republican party. But nothing is black and white anymore for most people, and that’s actually a good thing. There are issues that I’m more moderate about than some of my colleagues, and vice versa. As I have said many times in the past however, I consider myself to be a government watchdog. I expose when politicians and parties keep their promises and when they do not.

That said, it is important to understand the inherent “space” that political figures take up in our lives. We go about living, most days, with minimal impact from the President and Congress. Sure, there is an effect on our paychecks for those of us who are working. When Donald Trump was elected, he clearly didn’t represent many of us who wanted someone who espoused our right leaning ideology as president. Now, as Steve Deace so astutely tweeted, the Democrats must wonder why the Republicans chose him.

The Republicans and the rest of us on the right need to figure this out.

Until we realize that the future does not depend on a person, but instead on our ideology, principles, and values, we may never win an election again.

Ted Cruz is a prime example. I am bringing him up because he is a cause for divisiveness all over social media, especially Facebook. But Cruz is running for re-election in the Senate as a Texas senator in 2018. That is right around the corner. He is not running for president. He has absolutely no intention of being president in 2020, and he would be doing a disservice to the people of Texas to be running for the Senate now if a 2020 presidential run were his aim.

In fact, the GOP would never let Cruz primary Trump (or in the unlikely event Pence has replaced him by then, primary Pence). The GOP has a strong history of protecting incumbents, Gerald Ford being the exception most recently. To defy the GOP would be to alienate oneself for good from future support and funding. Some media however, disagrees with me and believes many will primary Trump.

Cruz will not run in 2020 as a third party candidate either. He is a Republican through and through, although he embraces the Constitution more than much of the party elite does. My purpose is not to embrace or bash Cruz. I embrace my ideology and will vote for whomever represents it best when the time comes. I simply want to illustrate that those who are dreaming of and pushing for a Cruz run in 2020 are hurting the whole cause. It’s not going to happen and they should refocus with longer range glasses.

Of course, by 2024, there will be candidates who are now under the radar; people we no little or nothing about. Politics is like dementia. Most people forget very quickly what happened a year ago, and are not able to see past next week. And candidates are like oil pipelines. They are supposed to deliver that which is promised to us and it doesn’t matter who they are, as long as they do it, and do it honestly, and not as a means to and end.

If only the voters would start being government watchdogs; exposing when the party is not living up to its principles. If only they would keep pushing away socialism and expanded government by voting out those who are letting it continue, maybe we could start seeing the light at the end of the pipelines.

Politics, like sports and Hollywood, has really gone too far.

When we start incorporating the personas of politicians into our lives, we lose touch with our own reality. I would hope that people who “ooze Cruz” or “bleed Orange” on Facebook, give very little, if any thought to their idolized politician while they are not online. (I’ve even seen folks who Stand With Rand only do so because he is “cute”). They don’t sit and think about what Ted or Donald are doing each day, what they are eating for lunch or who they are meeting with. Do they? Am I missing something? I hope I’m not, or we are in far deeper trouble as a nation than I realized. It reminds me of the days of teen idols and David Cassidy posters in my friend’s rooms. I never had a poster, and never missed having one.

Friendships have been broken. Relationships have been forever damaged. Even families have been torn apart over superficial needs to be right at all costs. Candidates change and our attitudes toward them change. And they shouldIf we stick like glue to a politician regardless of what he or she espouses and flip flops about, then we have compromised our own values and become enslaved to theirs.

I trust none of them to always be right. Everyone is human. Everyone can be influenced. Especially if he or she is surrounded by people who relentlessly push them in one direction or wave big checks under their noses. We live outside of the D.C. fishbowl. We need to keep our lives separate and apart from the politicians who work there and go about our lives. Vote who best represents you. But hold them all accountable. To hold them to any other level is unhealthy.

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