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Abortion: The Musical

by Dena Leichnitz

Abortion is already a heated and polarizing subject, so leave it to the pro-abortion community to make it even more so by creating a musical about the killing of children. The Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance Training has decided to do a musical about abortion and set it to a song no less.

With organizations like Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Rachel’s Vineyard out there on the battle lines, women are talking about abortion and what they are saying is that not empowering, it is not uplifting and it surely isn’t something to sing about.  However, that is not how co-creator, Alice Yorke feels about it.

Alice Yorke, creator of abortion musical
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“We’re definitely, as makers, on one side,” Yorke admits. “But we’re trying to ride a funny line. This isn’t self-congratulatory. I want us to examine why we feel this way. I want people to reckon with themselves. This is a show about personhood, the right to bodily autonomy, and the violence of the partisan politics that surrounds this issue.”

Of course, the right to bodily autonomy has more to do the woman’s autonomy than the baby’s.

And though pro-choicers like to claim violence by pro-lifers the truth is there has been far more documented cases of pro-choice violence than vice versa (surprise! surprise!) and it is doubtful this play does anything to illuminate that basic fact.

The reason the producers could not find funding for this project is not that people are closed-minded but that they cannot in good faith endorse murder without piercing their own conscience.  “We were basically rejected for every grant that we applied for,” says Yorke, adding later that the company did score a small amount of funding from the Wyncote Foundation and two other groups. “

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What the producers are asking is beyond human comprehension, you cannot make abortion “funny.” There is nothing funny about taking an innocent life.  Yet the producers seemed shocked that “even good, liberal granting foundations…[are] so afraid to talk about abortion.”

What they call fear is really just plain, human decency.

Pro-choicers, especially the ones producing this play, want to act like the morality surrounding abortion is somehow irrational and illogical, when the truth is the whole ideology behind supporting abortion is based on nothing but disingenuous fallacies and extreme emotionalism.

The more the pro-choicers try to make abortion acceptable, the more they damage their own cause and push others to the pro-life side. People are not afraid to talk about abortion – Silent No More proves that. The people of Earth just don’t think it is funny or should be celebrated in song.

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