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Motorcycling Ministries – Overcoming The Popular Misconceptions

by J. Lee

I love motorcycling.

I have loved motorcycles since I was a small child. Unfortunately my mother did not. She was terrified of bikes and bikers. I never heard the end of it in her attempt to destroy my love for bikes.

My guess is my mom had a bad experience with bikers she never shared. If it was not a personal experience she lived in the era were bikers were badly portrayed in movies. Maybe she believed what she watched. Scary biker films were in abundance during the 1950-1970’s.

I remember how quickly we locked our car doors if a bike was next to us on the road or in a parking lot. A few years ago when my friend and I pulled in to a gas station for a rest break. A car pulled in and parked next to us. I heard the car doors lock. I could see the mom say something to her daughter. Her smile went from a huge smile to a large frown. Her mom did not see us exchange a wave to each other. It broke my heart to see her daughter become so sad. It was as if I was looking in a mirror seeing of my childhood.

Bikers were portrayed as anti-God, thieves, maniac killers, sex starved rapists and criminals who violently pillaged the innocent everywhere they went. There were often seen terrorizing communities. Women were nothing more than sex objects to be used, abused, shared and discarded.


My mom constantly said bikers were dirty and dishonest. She said if I was not careful they would drug me and rape me. Her negativity worked. She removed my thoughts of riding and my love for motorcycles. The fear approach was very successful so I stayed away from them. She created a deep seated fear.

Fast forward to 2010. I met a really nice man who rode a sports bike. I never rode with him, because honestly the small narrow backseat does not look too comfortable. The lesson I learned from him was bikers are nice. My love for motorcycles resurfaced. He gave me the courage to reach out to motorcycle groups and begin riding which was my childhood dream.

I realized my mother brainwashed me. She stole years of joy from my life. She passed away in 2005. My love for motorcycles and riding can no longer be met with objection. As I like to tell people I can no longer give her a heart attack. My hope is she is praying for me in Heaven.

Meeting a biker got me looking for local motorcycle groups. I began riding with some really nice riders in a Harley and Cruiser group. I discovered bikers are very generous. There is always a charity ride year round to raise funds for a needy charity or family in need.

Not long after that I found a Christian group of riders with the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA). I began riding with them in 2011. I became a member in 2014. I’ve been serving and riding with them since 2011. In my opinion there is nothing like wind therapy especially when the road is shared with Jesus.

When I am out riding I make a point of waving as often as I can especially when I see joy on a child’s face. I do my best to leave a positive memory in the mind of the public. On the road bikers passing each other wave to each other. When have you ever seen a car driver give respect and acknowledgement to others in cars?

CMA is a worldwide motorcycle ministry that was established in 1975. In San Diego, CA our groups are Gospel Riders and Wings of Eagles. We serve the community at events, charity rides, Run for the Son which provide motorcycles to pastors in foreign countries and so much more.

Wikipedia: The Christian Motorcyclists Association is an international Christian, interdenominational, non-profit organization established in 1975. Its purpose is evangelizing to the motorcycling community.

CMA’s mission and goal is evangelizing. We serve fellow bikers while providing assistance, encouragement, prayer and bike blessings. Riding is important, but serving the community is number #1!

There is a monthly biker church service called ‘Hawg Heaven’ at Sweetwater Harley in National City, CA. It is held on their rooftop. In the photo below I am in the back row on the left.

There are numerous Christian MM’s (motorcycle ministry) and MC’s (motorcycle groups) in California. Groups include:
  • CMA National
  • Godspeed
  • Bikers for Christ
  • Warriors of the Cross
  • Disciple Christian MC
  • Last Disciples
  • Soldiers for Jesus MC
  • Chariots of Light
  • Sons of God Motorcycle Club
  • The Least of Saints Motorcycle Club
  • Bikers for Jesus
  • Road Riders for Jesus Motorcycle Ministry
  • Black Sheep Harley Davidsons for Christ Motorcycle Ministry
  • Prodigals MC
  • Cycle Disciples
  • Heralds of the Cross MM
  • Rock Church Motorcycle Ministry

Rock Church: Motorcycle Ministry – The Motorcycle Ministry exists to maximize fellowship between Christian motorcyclists and to reach the unsaved by sharing the Love of Jesus. Our purpose is to cultivate Christian and Non-Christian motorcyclists opportunities to share their common interest in motorcycles through fellowship, rides and other events.

Obviously biking is not for everyone, but it is a lifestyle for me. I am glad there is nothing to be afraid of. Below are various photo of me while out riding. The first two photo were taken at a rest stop. The third photo was taken while serving at an event with CMA. The last photo was taken at the end of a memorial service for a biker friend who passed away from cancer.

The motorcycle community is my biker family. They are very protective of each other while being respectful of non-bikers. Bikers are extremely loving. One of the best things about gatherings is how much bikers love to give hugs when we greet. Who doesn’t love getting and giving a big hug?

The next time you see a biker or a group of bikers on the road please put your fears and negative opinions of bikers away.

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