copy of Declaration of Independence with Trump supporters tweet overlay

Trump Followers Take Offense To Declaration Of Independence 140 Characters At A Time

by Richard Cameron

There is no point at which one can assume that they have plumbed the depths of the ignorance, cluelessness and hubris of the rank and file Trump follower. You might think, “all right, it just can’t get any more absurd” – but you would be mistaken.

National Public Radio NPR, in celebration of our 241st anniversary of the Declaration Of Independence, posted the entire text on Twitter, 140 characters at a time.  Any reasonable person would applaud the innovation and the tribute. Any reasonable person…

I will feature a sampling of the tweets and the responses to them. They speak for themselves so well, that very little if any commentary on my part is required.  File this under, “No good deed goes unpunished”. Here we go:

National Public Radio's tweet of the Declaration of Independence

Mind you, not a single one of these people have ever once actually listened to NPR. They haven’t got the slimmest of a factual idea of NPR programming, other than what someone else who doesn’t listen either, has told them.

National Public Radio's tweet of the Declaration of Independence and Trump supporter rebuttal

At this point, it appears that the Trumpen Proles are not even aware that NPR is quoting the DOI.  Mind you, these are the same people who are set at a moment’s notice, to tear down Washington D.C.  Here, the twit thinks NPR is referring to Trump, not King George III:

National Public Radio's tweet of the Declaration of Independence - referencing King George III

“Horsechit”???  Next, the Declaration Of Independence is summed up as “trash”:

National Public Radio's tweet of the Declaration of Independence

That’s it – or that is all of the rank stupidity I could look at for one day.  Fun times.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Followers Take Offense To Declaration Of Independence 140 Characters At A Time

  1. I didn’t see anything in this post that identified the respondents as Trump followers. Even if they can be ID’d as Trump followers, there is far to small a sample here to generalize. There are many you would ID as Trump followers who not only know NPR, but the Declaration of Independence as well. This post is a glaringly transparent propaganda effort by Liberal/Leftist drones to cast Trump as illegitimate by associating him with cherry-picked stupid comments. I don’t know how this NPR thing was presented, but to take an obscure line out of the context of the Declaration and present it in the context of the anti-Trump, ANTIFA environment is an obvious attempt at baiting. So, maybe you got a couple of fish; so what!? If you’re going to propagandize, you’re going to have to do better than produce stuff that only bottom feeders would fall for.

    1. Editor’s Note:

      Thank you for reading the article, Tom. A few points in response. First, if this was the only demonstration of the low IQ voter syndrome typified by Trump supporters, then it would be valid to say that it is an isolated incident. The problem is that there exists abundant and daily examples of the knee-jerk, thin skinned, uninformed reaction, not only to actual critiques of Trump’s presidency, but to narratives that aren’t even associated with him or his administration. The Trump base is a mix of what might be described as “hopefuls” – people who are cautiously optimistic about the possibilities of him living up to the extravagant and deceptive promises he made during the campaign; and cult worshippers who have become totally untethered to reality. NPR has been saluting the Declaration of Independence for a few years now, 140 characters at a time. No reference was made to Trump.

      What threw Trump devotees off was the passages in the DOI that described the colonists view and rejection of King George III. This was mistaken by Trump’s base as a condemnation of Trump. Interesting that they interpret it in that manner.

      Finally, I should correct your false equivalence about the writing and editorial staff of National Compass. We do not have any “Liberal / Leftist” writers here. All are anti-Trump to one extent or another. Many, in fact the statistical majority of self-identified conservatives or center-right voters are either anti-Trump or Trump skeptics. Trump’s presidency might be somewhat unique in that his opposition consists of not only left of center, but center and right of center. Perhaps a confirmation or fact check of your assumptions might be warranted before you draw unfounded conclusions.

      Opposing Trump is not by definition, exclusively a perspective of the left, even if you prefer to believe it.

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