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As The Trump Tweets Continue – The Challenges From A Parent’s Perspective

by Danielle Pechette-Graham

Trump Tweets – There’s No End To Them

The Trump Tweets continue unabated.  Ever since the President of the United States of America took to Twitter to personally attack the hosts, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC’s show “Morning Joe” it has dominated the news and social media.

Outside of the small core group of rabid Trump supporters, the majority of the country who has spoken out has come out against the Presidents behavior. However, far too many in the GOP, the party of “principles and values”, remain silent.

This comes as no surprise since the deafening silence has persisted throughout the President’s habitual indecency. They were silent when he viciously attacked Megan Kelly, Heidi Cruz, and Carly Fiorina. They ignored or excused the audio tape released where Trump bragged about being able to sexually assault women due to his status.

There were crickets last week when the President inappropriately singled out an attractive female Irish journalist, Caitriona Perry, and ogled her while speaking to Ireland‘s newly elected Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, and had the audacity to say “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”  ?????

In the real world where people are actually held accountable for their actions, this behavior would at the very least be considered sexual harassment and the dirty old man would be looking for new employment.

As the tweets continued and the President seems to be unable to stop his obsessive vitriol it appears as though the majority of the GOP will continue to remain silent.

“To remain silent and indifferent is the greatest sin of all.”

 – Elie Wiesel         

It’s bad enough how vindictive, cruel and juvenile the President’s attacks are to those who speak out against him but when it comes to woman he takes it to a far more abusive and sinister level. The misogyny and sexism embedded in his comments toward any female who dares speak out or question him is outrageous.

Yet what’s more alarming than his treatment of women is how many in our society who are excusing, condoning and even imitating his behavior.  Instead of making “America Great Again” he is contributing to the decay of the values in our modern-day culture.

President Trump is creating an environment in which belittling and degrading women is acceptable. Watching this play out in real time actually makes shows like “The Handmaid’s Tale” seem far less inconceivable.

As a woman, it’s infuriating but as a mother it’s heartbreaking. I mourn our nation as my children witness the infantile behavior being perpetrated by the President and how so many are responding in kind. I am raising my two boys to be men who will rise up and stand up for anyone who is being attacked or victimized, especially women.

I’m teaching them to have integrity, honor and respect, character traits that seem to have become dormant in far too many men today.

There were a handful of Republican leaders who stood out from the rest of their party’s colleagues and courageously spoke out against President Trump. One in particular truly captured the essence of what so many were thinking.

Instead of heeding advice to stop his attacks and to be more Presidential, as he so often promised to do once he was in office, the tweets continued.

Then just when you thought he couldn’t possibly sink any lower he tweeted this…

My job as a mother is to guide my children and help them to become the best people they can be and to be a positive influence in the world. Just like the rest of us, they will bear witness to the President’s ongoing Twitter attacks so I will use his tweets as a visual lesson to reiterate everything they should not be or do.

Like myself, I will teach them to speak out in opposition to such cruelty because remaining silent is not an option.

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