Cover image of National Enquirer Tabloid claiming that former President Obama has a secret plot to Impeach Donald Trump

Trump’s Use Of National Enquirer As A Threat Is Laughable To Intelligent People

By Janice Barlow

The National Enquirer – Donald Trump’s Impotent Sword Of Damocles 


Just when we thought tabloids had sunk below the level of FAKE NEWS, the National Enquirer has resurfaced once again. President Trump’s most recent Twitter rants about MSNBC co-hosts of its Morning Joe show apparently went deeper than just the mild stick in the eye that we’ve become accustomed to.

Both Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski claim that a White House aide had contacted them with essentially what amounted to blackmail. If they apologized for their on-the-air criticisms of the president, then the National Enquirer would back off from writing an attack piece on the show and on them personally.

No apology was forthcoming, and so the tweets from Trump followed instead. What the National Enquirer does at this point should not be relevant to anyone with an IQ above a guinea pig. Why? Because the tabloid press is the epitome of Fake News. And the National Enquirer is the epitome of the tabloid press. For now, the NE claims to know nothing about threats made to Mika and Joe, and will play ostrich.

Media Matters’ Bobby Lewis published a feature article in January on all the damage done by the National Enquirer throughout Trump’s election campaign to his opposition. In spite of the outrageousness of the claims, the endorsement of the tabloid of Trump (a first for a media-hype organization), and the type of readership that it attracts, the NE still did significant damage to the opposing candidates’ campaigns.

We should welcome a story from them about Joe and Mika, so that it can be dissected on the air during the Morning Joe. It would also give The Morning Joe further ammunition against a man who apparently cannot take any criticism at all.

Barack Obama went after Fox News a few times in his presidency, but as media, not after individuals, and certainly not by calling anyone psycho or going after their physical appearances.

All presidents have faced harsh criticism in the media daily. Trump should have known and anticipated it, but his supporters should have realized that he would not be able to rise above it.

With the vote on health care legislation coming July 10, will Donald Trump’s tweet today, “If Republican Senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately REPEAL, and then REPLACE at a later date!”, further throw a wrench into what the Senate is working on now?

Is it Trump’s way of acknowledging that the bill will indeed fail? Is it also how he is trying to sweep his childish twitter rants about the Morning Joe hosts under the carpet while attempting to refocus on what really matters? So much for his big “surprise announcement” that a successful health care bill will be passed.

It’s what he should have been focusing on way back in January.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Use Of National Enquirer As A Threat Is Laughable To Intelligent People

  1. Right, repeal now and replace later. So what happens in-between repeal and replacement? Utter chaos is what!. millions of people will ;lose their coverage, hospital staffing and accounting would be in disarray. Doesn’t this clown ever think things through? Apparently not.

    1. Agreed! The possible repeal now has a provision that O-care would exist until 2019 while they sort it out…but Congress could become a Democrat majority by then and they will keep O-Care. Premiums won’t come down and either way, the insurance lobbyists win. It’s surely a mess because he’s a clueless clown. This should not have been tackled at all this year.

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