Germany Sings, Ding Dong, The Fidget’s Dead

By Janice Barlow

By now we’ve probably all seen them somewhere. Teens and preteens absentmindedly handle them adeptly in their hands everywhere because they always seem to need to have something to handle. Even Barron Trump has one. I’m referring to the toys appropriately named, fidget spinners.

Germany has just announced that it is destroying 35 metric tons of these out of control devices. That’s the equivalent of 77,000 pounds. Originally, these flashy colored spin toys were thought to benefit children with ADD and anxiety. This theory has never been proven. However, when they are dropped, the magnetic part of the wheels can easily fall out and cause a choking hazard for younger children and toddlers. Many younger children still habitually stick things in their mouths. One mother posted a warning  on Facebook of what happened when her daughter accidentally swallowed one of these parts of a fidget spinner, and her post went viral.

Beyond the choking hazard, German customs spokesperson, Christine Strauss, added that “the gadgets also lacked brand information and legible instructions. And so, to the crush-pile they go.”

German parents and teachers have tweeted their excitement about this addictive toy being destroyed.  It is now going the way of Furbies and virtual keychain pets, at least in Germany. No doubt many parents in the United States would love for this distraction in the hands of their children to suddenly be pulled off the market and sent to the plastic meltdown plant. But we aren’t Germany. In the United States, the children are often the bosses and children far too young are still playing with these hazardous toys.

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