Breakfast Deal at Krystal

by Michael Murillo

Krystal, like most fast food restaurants, has a morning menu. But you only have a week left to catch a great deal on a sizeable breakfast item.

Their 3 Egg Breakfast starts with (of course) three eggs. Then they add grits, sausage and toast for a meal that’s more like breakfast at a sit-down establishment than a grab-and-go sandwich or bagel.

Substitutions are fine, too. The eggs are made to order, you can replace grits with Kryspers (hash brown sticks for those not familiar with their specific lingo) and you can get bacon instead of sausage. Finally, you can replace the toast with a biscuit.

Best of all, the entire plate is just $3.99 through June 25.

Breakfast is huge in the fast food industry, and companies are always looking for creative ways to draw in hungry customers. Often that includes portability and trying to combine items to save time and space. But in this case it’s a return to a traditional look for breakfast food, and it’s available at a special price for a little while longer.

Enjoy at participating restaurants.

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