Arby’s Knows…Pizza?

By Michael Murillo

Arby’s and pizza go together like peanut butter and beer, or milk and Merlot. You might like them fine on their own, but together? Sounds a little weird.

But fear not: Arby’s new Pizza Slider (a limited-time addition to their growing slider menu) is Arby’s through and through. Sure, it includes pizza ingredients like pepperoni, cheese and marinara sauce. But in typical Arby’s fashion, they’ve added extra meat (this time it’s Genoa salami) and thrown it all together between two buns.

So it’s the Arby’s formula of meat, cheese, meat and bread, but with a pizza theme. And since it’s a slider, it’s smaller. So there’s no big commitment to give it a try.

It will only set you back 300 calories (half of that coming from fat), but remember that this isn’t a full-size burger. The sodium content is full-size, though: More than 900 mg. That’s not too far off from a McDonald’s Big Mac.

Still, it shows Arby’s continued commitment to offer new things you won’t find at other fast-food joints, while never straying from their simple, meat-loving identity.

The Pizza Slider is available now at participating locations.

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