Alex Jones Followers and the Hoaxed Mindset: Sandy Hook in the News Again

By Janice Barlow

We’ve all heard them.  Or read about them. Sometimes we are tempted to believe them. But in most cases, we peek behind the curtain and sanity reappears. Contrary to Alex Jones and his haywire hoaxer junkies:

9/11 was not an inside job perpetrated by the Bush administration.

There was no Pizzagate with a bunch of Democrat officials involved in a satanic child porn ring.

And Sandy Hook was not a set up by Barack Obama in order to promulgate gun control.

Today, a group called, Sandy Hook Promise, comprised of the parents and other relatives of the 26 victims murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, banned Megyn Kelly from speaking at their annual event. Why would they do that? Well, Kelly is supposed to have super hoaxer, Alex Jones, appear on her new NBC show, Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.

The Sandy Hook Promise group saw this upcoming interview as the ultimate insult. For nearly five years, soap opera-like conspiracy junkie, Jones, has been pushing full throttle that the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School never really happened; that the entire event was staged with crisis actors, and that no child died.

The family members, whose memorials are scattered throughout the Connecticut town, have been inundated with hoax intimidation, to add to their tremendous suffering. Instead of being able to put it behind them and fondly remember their children and others, they must keep brushing aside the constant reopening of a deep wound by hoaxers, who tell them that – NO, they are lying about everything and their children are alive and well somewhere with aliases, not buried in a cemetery. I can only imagine the heartrending grief that this causes.

Jones is not alone in his baseless allegations; many other underground amateur hoaxers have taken to any media that will give them exposure (mainly YouTube and social media), in an attempt to plow under a real tragedy. In spite of numerous credible sources like The Blaze proving the horrific event did occur, there are still those who still insist that it was all a massively staged and perfectly choreographed event; one that certainly would have been the envy of Steven Spielberg to be able to pull off without a hitch.

One conspiracy theorist woman was even sent to prison last week for email and voice mail threats made to the father of one of the victims. She received a five month sentence. She is wheelchair-bound and mentally unstable, perhaps excusing her reasoning ability regarding hoaxes. But why do others latch on to such theories with such deep conviction that they are true? They are of no specific age group or socioeconomic status. The Jonsies are from all walks of life. Suffice it to say they have one thing in common: extreme gullibility.

Many believe that the government is out to poison them intentionally, that the medical community is trying to kill off its patients because they are sick, that there are hidden groups throughout America that seek to harm the general population to perpetuate their own cause. Well… maybe the last one is true to some extent. There certainly are groups of people, like skinheads and actual Satanic worship cults, who wish harm or seek to do harm to others. But as far as the general population goes, hoaxers should best remember that conspiracy theories are called theories for a reason. They cannot be proven as factual. Until they can, maybe the best thing to do is to stop listening to news sources that really are FAKE, like Alex Jones, and start paying attention to what is happening in their own backyards.

Alex Jones’ own attorney publicly stated that much of what he says on the air is not real, and he should not be taken seriously. His extremely loyal fan base, which includes those who create the YouTube videos and the Facebook Pages about hoaxes, don’t want to hear that. They want to cling to the Jones’ alternate reality, that Alex Jones is telling the truth and that the incidents happening around us are just staged by the government.

Hoax Believers: Better get out your tin foil hat. Bird poop might land on your brainwashed head.


Janice Barlow is a true crime author. Her latest book on Amazon will be on Kindle special beginning on Thursday 6/15.


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