Wonder Woman – She’s Not Lynda Carter, But Gal Godot Is Sensational Anyway

By Dena Leichnitz

I don’t see movies twice very often and I certainly do not pay to see them twice if I do. However, Wonder Woman is the one film I had no problem giving my money twice to see. When I first saw who they picked for the role of Wonder Woman, I wasn’t too impressed. She didn’t look enough like Lynda Carter to me because when I think of Wonder Woman I think Lynda Carter. Lynda iconized the role and in my mind, no one could touch her.

I didn’t  think Gal Godot was beautiful enough to be Wonder Woman, but that all changed when I saw the film. Not only was she beautiful but she had an innocence about her that came through when she leaves her home for the first time and goes to London to help end World War II.

The fact that Gal Godot was Israeli and thereby IDF somehow made her Wonder Woman more kick ass than she would have been otherwise.

Of course, the feminists are upset that the producers had the nerve to pick an Israeli for the part, especially because of her IDF experience and the audacity of Gal to be proud of it: What doesn’t bode well either is how the general public, self-proclaimed feminists, and fans are either oblivious to her views or more concerned about Gadot’s armpit hair and cup size rather than her Pro-IDF views.

Yawn! I saw it twice because of her pro-IDF views! As it I put it, it was my way of supporting Israel.  Wonder Woman takes place on Themyscira, which is purportedly the capital of the Amazon tribe in Greek mythology. In some versions, Diana is a demigod with a human component to her.  In the movie, however, she is a goddess. Made out clay and breathed into life by Zeus, she is the only one who can take down Ares.

In the movie, we see Diana go from a young woman who craves to start training to an expert warrior. The first time she witnesses her own powers, she is stunned and hurt. She accidentally hurt her aunt and she feels bad. A short time later, Steve Trevor breaks through to Themyscira and is rescued by Diana.  Steve Trevor is not the only one to break through, however, so do the German forces.

What once was a peaceful island is now a war ground and the Amazons must take on the Nazis. Despite having no guns and only arrows, they drive the Nazis off their island. Steve then explains what is going on and how World War II is the “War to End All Wars.”

When Diana tries to explain to her mother, Hippolyta, that one of the Amazons should go with Steve Trevor when he leaves in order to take down Ares and stop the war, she is rebuked. But that doesn’t stop Diana and she goes with him anyway. From that point on, we see the emergence of Wonder Woman. There is plenty of humor in the movie, like when Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are on a boat sailing away from Themyscira and he makes a bed for her. Diana asks why he is not sleeping with her and he explains how it is not best to assume and a little about marriage,  but the scene funniest line is when he says, “You want me to sleep with you? Fine, I will sleep you with you, I have no problem sleeping with you.”

In it is also the best “sex” scene because it is just basically left to your imagination. After winning the battle of Veld, where the Germans have taken over, there is much celebration for Wonder Woman’s role in giving the land back to the citizens. After some dancing, Wonder Woman and Steve head back to a hotel. As he approaches Diana, you can see through their looks what each one is thinking and what is about to follow but nothing is seen from that point on. It is beautifully done and you don’t have to cover your children’s eyes.

All in all, Wonder Woman is a wonderful film. With enough action for the boys in the family and enough romance and enough “feminine empowerment” for the females. Wonder  Woman, by far, tops the more male-driven super hero movies that have come out recently like Batman vs. Superman (in which Wonder Woman did have a small role), or The Avengers: Civil War.

Though we have seen other female comic book characters somehow miss the mark – like Halle Berry’s Catwoman, Wonder Woman is certainly to have something for everyone. And like any good critic, I will end with, if you only see one film this year, make sure it is Wonder Woman.

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