Not Accepting, Forgetting and Moving On From the 2016 Presidential Campaign

By Janice Barlow

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these – “it might have been”” – John Greenleaf Whittier

No memories are so short or stilted in the minds of Americans as political ones. We put up a big curtain between ‘the end that the means attempted to justify‘ so that we can carry on with our lives and not let any guilt sway our patriotism. For most of us. But for many, we simply cannot accept what happened a little over a year ago, well before anything was certain in the presidential race. We cannot forget. And we cannot move on.

Does this sound like grudge holding? Maybe. But it’s not a matter of looking back and continuing to harp on the past. It’s a matter of trying to remind people of what happened so that history does not repeat in the future. People don’t want to be reminded. Instead they prefer that we all forget and sing, Kumbaya, and have a big group hug.

Trump is the Tonya Harding of politics. The person who secretly smacks the horse’s leg in a race; who sabotages the wiring in his closest opponent’s race car. He regales in his damages, tweets in girlish delight, all the while never accepting the blame.

He stopped at nothing during the primaries and the debates, personally attacking each opponent with outlandish accusations never attempted before on the political stage. One by one, they fell away, until the last eligible one standing was Ted Cruz. Trump went after Cruz with a vengeance. Nothing was off limits.

On May 3, 2016, a little more than a year ago, millions of conservative Americans were shocked into disbelief as Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. Rumors flew about the logic of such a sudden drastic move. Was he threatened? Some said that it was a stunt, and Ted was working behind the scenes to make a comeback, unsuspend, and pull a master magic trick at or before the GOP convention. Others said that well, Ted should just UNIFY and become Trump’s Vice President and then they could win hands-down over Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz had no plans to do either. He is a man of his word. He doesn’t need to have his comments translated as Donald Trump does, (“what he meant was….”). When Ted suspended, he had no intentions of picking up the torch and resuming the race. He was done. Why was that?

Perhaps he was simply exhausted from the relentless bullying; the lies, the attacks, and especially the recent threats made upon him and his family. There was the cartoon of his own little daughters in collars like pets, Trump calling his beautiful, intelligent, and classy wife “ugly” and showing a photo of Heidi next to Melania, in all of Mrs. Trump’s siliconed smoothness. Then an article suspiciously hit in the National Enquirer, (which coincidentally endorsed Trump because he’s good friends with the former publisher), that Cruz was involved in not one, not two, but FIVE affairs! Not stopping there, Trump went on even after Cruz’s suspension to push the outlandish piece in the National Enquirer that Ted’s own father was in cahoots with Lee Harvey Oswald in a plot to murder JFK. And people believed it. Because Donald Trump said so.

Chants are quite catchy, so at all of his rallies, Trump shouted out his infamous mantra, “Lyin’ Ted!” which caught on just as well as “Lock her up!” But I could never get anyone to point out a single lie that Ted Cruz told. Side by side with Trump’s flip flops on every issue, it’s quite laughable at best. And of course, Hillary still roams free, pantsuit shopping, as grown men shudder in irrational fear and quake in nightmarish sleep, imagining the oppression they would have been living under had she won the election.

It’s over, right? Election 2016 is over. Trump won. Donald J. Trump is president of the United States. Each morning I have to almost smack myself with this absurd reality. And make the observation of how easily people are willing to forget, accept, and move on.

If your child were cheated out of a scholarship by a scoundrel who stole their notes, lied about them to their teachers and friends, framed them with drugs and humiliated them in every way possible so that they missed getting into a coveted University, would you be able to accept, forget, and move on? Graduation would have happened. Joe Schmo would have made the fait accompli. Too bad. So sad. Put away your grudging and get on the train!

This is America. So are we supposed to not only allow such underhanded playground tactics to destroy the campaign of a decent man, but be told that instead we must openly accept the man who perpetrated it? All because the man he harmed was gracious enough to lend a little support – but at the last possible minute. Ted did not throw his support behind Donald Trump at the GOP Convention, but told us to vote our conscience. (Not conscious, because if we weren’t conscious when we voted…well, maybe that’s what happened to many people…I digress…). Ted supported Trump to support the party; he supported him to protect Texas from Hillary Clinton and to protect his Senate seat. But no one really knows how Heidi Cruz voted. I have a clue though.

Forgiveness is not a penny candy. I cannot forgive a president who did no personal harm to me. I have no power to do so. If Ted Cruz forgave Donald Trump in a private meeting, that was his choice and it surely was an honorable one, whether Trump apologized or not. We can only forgive those who wronged us. That’s all we have the power to do. The rest is up to God.

Ted Cruz wants us to unite.  Who is “us”? Conservatives. Conservatives are people who support the tenets of conservatism. We shouldn’t squabble amongst ourselves, but support all things that are not pulling us to the left. That means I cannot support Donald Trump because almost every policy he has actually endorsed is liberal. The most important one is that he left the full funding of Planned Parenthood in the budget that he handed to the House for passage. He could have easily just removed that funding from the bill, so that it would not be a stumbling block for the AHCA bill repeal debates currently going on, (and which may result in no result at all to repeal any of Obamacare). But Ivanka Trump met with Planned Parenthood in March. Ivanka is a liberal whom Daddy loves enough to give her what she wants. You figure it out. Ted Cruz voted against that budget. It is a massive, expansive government budget, and resembles nothing like a conservative idea of government.

Unify against liberalism. Even if it means unifying against the leader of the free world.


When my days are finished and my work is done

As I stand upright for God, whose victory is won

I shall face with peace, the setting sun

Even if I stand alone  — JMB



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3 thoughts on “Not Accepting, Forgetting and Moving On From the 2016 Presidential Campaign

  1. I was and am a Cruz supporter. Trump’s behavior in the Republican primary disgusted me. In the general, I voted for Trump to keep Hillary out, period.

    Constitutional Conservatives need to keep pulling POTUS Trump in the conservative direction, away from the Ivanka influence.

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