Don’t Buy Supplement Gimmicks; Just Eat Healthy

By Janice Barlow

Many of us take supplements for health. A multivitamin is no longer considered enough, because most people don’t eat enough of the right foods to get the essential nutrients needed daily. But how do we know what we need? And are we taking the wrong supplements, the wrong mixes, and/or the wrong amounts?

A couple of years ago, while attending a corporate workshop, I went to a breakout session run by Dr. Mark Moyad. It was so good and well attended, that he was invited back the next year, and I went again. Dr. Moyad wrote a wonderful guide called, “The Supplement Handbook“, which describes most of the products or their ingredients that are available over the counter.

The key takeaways from his talks were that: We hear so many products advertised, and so many multilevel marketing “schemes” thrown at us, and they all sound too good to be true. Dr. Moyad says that not only is this the case, but much of the time, they can also be dangerous. These products, because they don’t need to be FDA approved, don’t have to go through the same rigorous testing as pharmaceuticals (which still end up often having unwanted side effects). Also, there is absolutely no research done on the combination of the ingredients in the products. Often, there are a mix of ingredients in the product that are not necessary, costing you money and affecting your health.

The best way of course, to correct a deficiency is to eat a healthy diet. But this is not always possible. Most people are deficient in vitamin D. Doctors are now telling patients to take 5,000 to 50,000 units daily to correct their deficiencies! Instead, why not get out in the sunshine more and absorb the vitamin naturally. There is no quality substitute for it. But if you do take the pills, at least your body will flush out the excess amounts. This is not always the case with other vitamins and minerals.

Dr. Moyad tells us that:

Too much vitamin A is toxic to your liver. (A recent study has found that green tea supplements also cause liver toxicity and possible heart damage).

Too much Omega 3 as fish oil can increase bad cholesterol and upset the gastrointestinal tract.

Too much red yeast rice can cause liver problems, muscle pain, (and possibly the same side effects as a statin drug).

There is one supplement that I take, and Dr. Moyad has good things to say about it. Co-Enzyme Q-10 has a myriad of benefits, particularly for heart health.

Dr. Moyad warned in his discussion to always read the labels of products. There should be no active ingredients in the product that you do not specifically need. Combinations of ingredients in products may have independent studies on each ingredient, but no one has studied the effects of how those elements work together in a human being. Often, ingredients are listed on a label, but the quantity or concentration is not given. That alone is not a good sign. Buy products individually and try to avoid fillers.

In his book, Dr. Moyad discusses topics such as why it is not necessary to take vitamin B supplements or get shots unless a person is anemic. They will not fight fatigue otherwise and are a waste of money. He outlines each vitamin and mineral, its purpose, and why a person should or should not take it. He has no stake in any product or company and strongly advocates diet and exercise as the best way to stay healthy and avoid many painful conditions.

Each time I see a product that sounds like it’s just the ticket to help my aching joints or could help me shed this nagging 10 pounds, or boost my energy to what I would hope to be a normal level, I look at my wrist instead. Wrapped around it is my fitbit, reminding me to get up and get moving, and then later to have a healthy salad with some protein for dinner. All the gimmicks on TV, on the shelves, and even on social media cannot substitute for staying strong and eating right, and saving a boatload of money in the process!


Janice Barlow is a True Crime author. Her books are on Amazon in soft cover and Kindle.




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