Time To Give People Better Food Ordering Options At The Ball Game Or Rock Concert

by Jim Morris III

Wouldn’t it be great if after we spent an arm and a leg to go to sporting event or live show…

as opposed to watching on the TV – we could cut back on making trips to the food court?  Let’s face it, when we plunk down the mad duckets for stadium seats, we’d rather not miss anything if we can help it – right?  What if someone yaks a homer in the stands or the defense picks six and takes it to the house?

Let’s rethink the getting up for food, shall we?

Sure, there is a vendor walking up the stairs but the variety is not there. Many times, they don’t have what we want and when they do eventually have it you may have gone up and purchased it already.

What if instead, each stadium or event had a stadium concession app that you could download to order food? So instead of having to go up to get some food or snacks you order it on the app? How is it no one has thought of this yet?

What if something happens while I’m gone?

Look at it this way, you are watching a great game/event and you are quite thirsty or your stomach is growling. You think ‘man I don’t want to miss one bit of this after the bones I paid to see this in person’. Then you think ‘hold on – let me order from this app’.  So, you reach into your pocket and pull out your Galaxy 9 or iPhone 16 download the app on spot.

You switch your eyes back and forth from the event to your app deciding what you want. You find it, put your order in,  input your order then it asks for your section, row and seat number. To finalize the transaction, you select credit or cash. Under the credit option inside the app will be an additional amount for tip if you want your tip to be credit instead of cash.

Hellooooo? It’s the Digital Age here!

Now here is how we rework the vendor to be more effective. You make the order that vendor knows exactly that he has a sale and doesn’t need to struggle going all over to get some sales. There would still need to be vendors possibly for the more standard items to offer like the beverage vendor or the basic hot dog, popcorn, etc. Maybe they make the rounds but less often. If the person doesn’t come around often enough and you don’t have the app, you will need to go to the stands to do it.

In the long haul, I think this could be a more efficient way to do it plus easier for the fan that wants a specific food or beverage and does not want to miss anything of this expensive event.

If they build it, we will come.

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