Get Naked With This New Taco Bell Item

By Michael Murillo

Taco Bell wants you to get naked. Get their Naked Chicken Chips, that is.

They’re not really chips, and they’re only “naked” in that they’re served by themselves. So we’re talking about chip-shaped grabbable chicken pieces. Sure, you could call them chicken nuggets shaped into a Taco Bell aesthetic. But where’s the fun in that?

Besides, this carries the “naked” theme introduced with their Naked Chicken Chalupa a while back. So Naked Chicken Chips kind of makes sense. They also come with Nacho Cheese dipping sauce. Chips and dip, get it?

You can get it now: A six-piece order is $1.99 and a 12-piece order is $3.99. The chicken chips are also part of a $5 box, and are available at all participating locations.

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