To Russia With Love: Deciphering Trump’s Tweetheart Messages

By Janice Barlow

I began storing up some of President Trump’s tweets before he became president. Unlike President Obama, the only other president who tweeted as president, (since Twitter was born in 2006), Trump was able to maintain his private Twitter account, @realdonaldtrump, in addition to the standard and secure, @POTUS account assigned when a president takes office.  The reasons that Trump was allowed to keep it and not close it down while serving as POTUS are unknown.

Obama tweeted his final tweets in a humble manner from the @POTUS account. George W. Bush didn’t open a Twitter account until 2010.

True to form, Trump tweets about everything. He seems to congratulate others a little late sometimes. That’s okay. Presidents are busy and we can cut him some slack for that. But the odd rantings and defensive tweets that appear, sometimes at odd hours on his private account, leave us scratching our heads.

Of more recent interest are his tweets about Russia. Just this morning, Trump put out a two part tweet regarding his meeting with the Russian diplomats last Wednesday. It was strange on a few fronts. First, it is now the following Tuesday, and he is responding to media allegations made over the weekend that he gave away highly classified information to the Russians in the meeting. Second, he appears to be defending what the meeting was about; this is something he should not have to do. If he has nothing to hide, wouldn’t the best answer be to give no answer at all? Rambling on in two 140 character tweets about what was discussed makes Trump appear defensive. Take a look at the Tweets here:

Normally, I would insert live tweets into the article, but with Trump, you never know, if you were to come back and reread this article a week or a month from now, if the tweet would still be there, or would be deleted, so instead I used screen shots of his tweets from this morning.

Note that Trump says in the first tweet that he claims that he held an openly scheduled White House meeting with Russia (Russian diplomats). It was scheduled prior to FBI Director James Comey’s firing. Comey was fired the day before the meeting on May 9th, late in the day. Instead of then cancelling the meeting, which would have been a wise strategy, seeing as how it was Russia that Comey was investigating, or even allowing the U.S. media into the meeting, Trump held the meeting anyway, and kept it private. Oh, except for the presence of a Russian photographer. Hmmm.

Trump goes on to remind us that he has a right to hold the meeting and of course discuss FACTS with the Russians…continued into the next tweet. Trump had terrorism on the brain as he mentions it twice in the tweet, and separates ISIS from terrorism as well. He also wanted to discuss airline flight safety? The Russians don’t seem to have an issue with the actual safety of their airplane construction. It’s their own terrorism that is the problem regarding planes. Hmmm.

Russia has been involved in fighting ISIS in Syria. Suddenly this is something that Trump wants them to step up and it required a face-to-face with diplomats. I’m no diplomacy expert, but usually when a president takes the time to meet with foreign diplomats on his own turf (and this was Trump’s only scheduled appointment last Wednesday), he wants to discuss U.S./foreign relations with that country. So are we to actually believe that nothing was discussed regarding Comey’s firing or the alleged interference of Russia in our 2016 presidential election? Okay.

Let’s look back to some other recent tweets:

In the first one, an unnecessary tweet, he is trying to deny that there is any collusion between himself and the Russians. Because Comey was conveniently fired in the middle of an investigation which was attempting to find out this very thing, it’s odd that he would need to tweet this. Wouldn’t a president who knows he is not guilty of collusion simply just ignore accusations and go about his business? He would know he would be vindicated, so why continue to put up a “wall”? Trump’s own administration continued to have no comment, but for the president, comments were of the utmost importance.

The next tweet shows photos of Trump taken with the Russian diplomats. We don’t know if they were taken by the Russian photographer and we don’t know what else the photographer photographed while in the White House. Contradictory to the tweets I posted earlier, this one appears to be remarking on making peace. Peace with whom? The Russians? Because they hacked the election? But Trump never mentioned that as a discussion topic in his tweets from this morning. It was all about terrorism and ISIS and airline safety. Okay.

Last and certainly not least, we have the infamous implied threat tweet to the former FBI director:

Trump alludes that he has tapes of his conversations with Comey. Certainly at some point, he will need to do one of three things:

  • Say that he was bluffing
  • Refuse to release any tapes
  • Release tapes when subpoenaed for them, should the investigation continue

Personally, I’d love to hear any alleged tapes, but I don’t think that they exist.

Either way, to send out a tweet that tells the world that Comey better not leak information to the press or TAPES will be released, is a threat and an obstruction of justice. If Comey does believe tapes exist and he feels that he gave what he believed to be private information to Trump, he may decide not to be interviewed by the press, or worse, decline to be a witness in an investigation.

However, he knows that he can be called as a witness regardless. Pleading the 5th will just look very, very bad.

Stay tuned; there is never a dull moment. And follow @realdonaldtrump for your daily twitter entertainment. It’s where you will surely find a lot of #fakenews!



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