Why A New Party Is The Best Option: A Closer Look at the Federalist Party

by Patricia Garza, Guest Contributor

Conservative writer and CRTV host, Steve Deace mentions the Federalist Party as one of four options in trying something new for Conservatism:




4. REPRIORITIZE, THEN RE-ENGAGE (through cultural changes)

However, in the end Deace doesn’t realize that he has the following and influential connections to help a new party, like the Federalist Party, rise above the rest. Let’s address each of the options.

The Tea Party already tried to infiltrate the RINO GOP, and while we had some successes, the candidates who won didn’t always stay true to Tea Party conservative principles. So option One is unlikely because it’s been tried.

Option Two seems like another example of spinning our wheels. The current third parties, such as the Libertarian and Constitution parties, may have an advantage with name recognition and ballot access, but their strategies and candidates have failed and their platforms do not attract enough conservatives. They are both too isolationistic when it comes to defending freedom and our interests around the world. Also, their social policies are conflicting with most principled conservatives who are prolife and care about religious liberties, or oppose legalization of marijuana and other drugs.

That’s why I believe option Three, starting a new party, is our last hope and our last chance to really make a bold change. Starting at the grassroots from the local level up, the Federalist Party can succeed and grow in credibility as long as people are willing to put principles and country above party loyalty, and unify behind one party.

One of the things that attracted me to starting and joining a new party is that it gives conservatives and other freedom loving constitutional Americans a chance to start fresh with a clean slate. Not that we wouldn’t consider supporting or recruiting candidates from the GOP, or those who leave the GOP or other parties, but we’d only support the principled candidates who have credibility and accountability.

For example, if Ted Cruz or Mike Lee were running again under the GOP, we likely wouldn’t run a candidate against them but instead would put resources behind them. But if they were primaried, or left the GOP, we’d back them as long as they stayed true to their constitutional principles. The reasoning behind this backing also supports the Federalist Party’s desire to eventually do away with the party system. This position is unique to the Federalist Party, but one our Founding Fathers, John Adams and George Washington believed in.

However, I also agree option Four is necessary because of the cultural decay in society. I’ve written about the changes needed in this area before. While my views on some issues and the opportunity for some changes have passed, there is still much we can do.

Those changes include starting in the home, churches, schools, media and anywhere else the liberals have taken over or have limited our freedoms.  Until those areas are improved upon and more power is returned to the states and the citizens, we’ll continue doing the same thing over and getting the same results. That’s why I personally believe a Convention of States (COS) is also needed to bring power back locally first. This is also in alignment with the principle of federalism and the Federalist Party. (While the Federalist Party hasn’t taken an official position yet on the COS, I’ve found many Federalists support it.)

Consider joining us at the Federalist Party, and become involved at all levels, because as I always say: “the fight for freedom never ends, regardless of who’s in power.”


Patricia is a wife and mother of two, a former elementary teacher, radio talk show host and political blogger. In 2012, Patricia was nominated one of “Circle of Moms” top 25 political bloggers.  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/littlebytesnews or @littlebytesnews  BLOG: http://www.littlebytesnews.blogspot.com WEBSITE: http://TheFederalistParty.Org 


One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.


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2 thoughts on “Why A New Party Is The Best Option: A Closer Look at the Federalist Party

  1. I have to admit, I was disappointed in Deace’s article, especially because, as you pointed out, he’s in a position of influence. But he also failed to mention a couple of things. Strangely.

    Regarding #2, both of the libertarian party’s top two were terrible on religious liberty. Both of them. If that’s the best the LP can offer, no thanks.

    And regarding #4, evangelicals and evangelical leaders abandoned principle for a political win, and in the process, harmed the church’s witness. (And I purposely did not capitalize the word church so as to refer to the body of believers as a whole and not a particular denomination.) Revival needs to come before anything else if the church is to influence culture, and more importantly, change hearts. But with this current crop of evangelical leaders who struck the rock instead of speaking to it (i.e. Moses), I doubt that will happen, and the church may find itself wandering in the desert for a time for its unbelief and stubbornness.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I agree with your response. Now to convince Steve Deace and other conservative media to help get the national exposure the new party needs. Currently we’re in the middle of our first media blitz and social media campaign. We’ve had some great exposure including a mention on the Steve Deace show and Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz podcast. The first week we were mentioned in a NY Times brief.
    Currently we’re the 5th most searched political party according to Alexa and other statistical sites.
    Thanks for your interest and support!

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