McDonald’s Ditching A Popular Drink Permanently

By Michael Murillo

If you love the Hi-C Orange Lavaburst at McDonald’s, you’d better get your fill soon. In just a few months, it will be gone.

According to a leaked internal memo (thanks Reddit), the company is in the process of discontinuing the sugary drink. It might take a little while for remaining inventory to move through the system, but it should be fully gone by summertime. In some locations, it disappear sooner.

To make things better (or is it worse?) Orange Lavaburst Hi-C will be replaced with something called Sprite TropicBerry, which is a new proprietary drink. But it’s not orange and it’s not Hi-C, so time will tell if customers prefer the new beverage to the old staple.

In the meantime, enjoy Hi-C until supplies get low.

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