Is Planned Parenthood Funded, or is it Gone Now? A Simple Explanation to Allay Confusion

Photo: Courtesy St. George, Utah News

By Janice Barlow


There is some confusion as to whether Planned Parenthood is defunded in the $1.1 Trillion massive spending bill which passed in April. No. It is fully funded.

Where it is defunded is in the House portion of the “repeal” of the AHCA. But only the Medicaid part is has passed through the House for defunding – the part that covers free abortions. This is not passed legislation. It needs to go to the Senate.

Title X in the healthcare part of the bill still funds the non-Medicaid part of Planned Parenthood. This is the part that is not supposed to fund abortions at all. But Planned Parenthood still will be performing abortions! They are getting a lot of private donations from pro-abortion sources, millions of dollars, and they may not feel the pinch of this much. The best response would have been for the House to COMPLETELY defund Planned Parenthood in the ACHA bill which would then give the Senate more negotiating room.

IF the healthcare bill passes the Senate in its current form – then the Medicaid part of PP will be defunded until the end of September. That’s a BIG “if”. The liberals in the Senate are ready to fight this and use it as a negotiating tool. They may even insist for Planned Parenthood to be put back into the “repeal” of the ACHA in order for the rest of it to pass. The line between what funds abortions and what does not in terms of Federal grant money to Planned Parenthood is rather fluid.

Who is to say how they redirect the other Federal money once it is received? After all, we cannot put anything past a supposed non-profit organization which sold dismembered parts of near mature term fetuses.

3 things can happen:

1- the bill passes with no changes. (This is the least likely result)

2- the bill passes with changes – and we have NO IDEA right now what those are. We hope and pray that conservatives get their way and remove as much of the stench of Obamacare from the healthcare bill as they can.

3- the bill doesn’t pass, and the Senate gets a redo in September. This is not all that bad of a result. The Dems may claim a victory but the result in 5 months could be a total repeal – something we will NOT get if the bill passes under #1 or #2 above.

But as to whether the current Budget includes it? Yes. PP is fully funded under the budget signed in April. Nothing has changed on that funding. Until the Senate vote, there is NO LAW IN PLACE now that defunds PP.

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