Our Nation’s Capitol Anticipates a New Attraction: Museum of the Bible

Washington, D.C. is getting another museum.

There are currently dozens of museums in our nation’s capitol, but a brand new one is slated to open in November.

Just three blocks from the Hill, the 430,000 square foot building is being erected by the Clark Construction company, using a design by the Smith Group. Work has been underway since ground was broken in 2015. The eight-story museum resembles a modern-day Ark.

Private funds are financing the $500 million project. According to Fox News, the majority of the artifacts for display will be provided by “Steve Green, the museum’s founder and president of Hobby Lobby, and his father, David, who have contributed the bulk of the items.”

Dr. Peter Lillback, founder of the Providence Forum has donated the first exhibit: a 3,200-pound full-scale replica of the original Liberty Bell, the first of 40,000 artifacts that will fill the new Museum of the Bible.

Steve Bickley, vice president of marketing for the museum, admits that “The goal is to show and to educate people about the many ways that the Bible has impacted America, not just our history but in terms of civil rights and social justice to fashion.” In the interview with Fox News, Bickley also said the goal of the museum is to provide an “immersive experience to people from all faiths, or no faith, and those who have never even picked up a Bible.”

The museum will also offer a digital guide to enable guests to design virtual smartphone tours, in order to discover where biblical passages are displayed in various locations throughout Washington, D.C.

Besides offering traveling exhibits, their website reveals that “Museum of the Bible supports scholarship and academic research through the Scholars Initiative, which brings together established and young scholars to pioneer groundbreaking research on items in the Museum Collection.

Formed in the summer of 2010, Scholars Initiative allows the world’s leading textual scholars to research and produce scholarship on items in the Museum Collection while mentoring students. More than 60 universities around the world are currently participating in the Scholars Initiative, and others are in the process of joining.”

The Museum of the Bible website also offers various educational and free resources.



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