Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates Will Tell Senate Panel That Trump Was Warned About Flynn

by Richard Cameron

Former acting head of the Justice Department, Sally Yates warned Donald Trump that National Security Advisor Mike Flynn was lying about his communications with Russian officials

CNN has received information indicating that Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates will testify before a Senate committee next week and disclose to them that she had issued an urgent warning advising  White House Counsel Don McGahn in late January (January 26) that General Flynn was misleading the President privately and in public statements about conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak.

In late March, Yates’ previously scheduled testimony (March 27) on the subject of Flynn, was canceled by House  Intelligence Chairman  Devin Nunes. At the time, his opposite number on the committee, California Rep. Adam Schiff, the intelligence panel’s ranking Democrat responded to the canceled testimony, saying:

“Today’s hearing would… have provided the opportunity for former acting Attorney General Sally Yates to testify about the events leading up to former National Security Adviser Flynn’s firing, including his attempts to cover up his secret conversations with the Russian ambassador.”

Ms. Yates had, according to reports in March, also personally visited McGahn to advise him that communications between Flynn and the Russian Ambassador had been intercepted prior to the inauguration and that existing sanctions against Russia were part of the topics discussed between Flynn and Kislyak.

Yates was concerned that Flynn’s misrepresentations might have exposed him to extortion by Russian intelligence agents.

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