Did Your Congress Members Sell You Out on Health Care, Sanctuary Cities?

By Janice Barlow

Our government just passed a trillion dollar spending budget to keep the government running until the end of September. Mostly, it appeases the Democrats, and doesn’t do what President Trump promised to do regarding key issues, such as defunding Planned Parenthood and Sanctuary cities. PBS stated this morning:

“GOP leaders decided against trying to use the must-do spending bill to “defund” Planned Parenthood. The White House also backed away from language to take away grants from “sanctuary cities” that do not share information about people’s immigration status with federal authorities. Trump’s request for additional immigration agents was denied and the IRS budget would be frozen at $11.6 billion.”

It is difficult to determine which party is which in DC. Supposedly, the Republican Party dominates the House and the Senate, in addition to the White House being occupied by a Republican president. But the behavior in Washington is definitely on the left side of the political spectrum. How do these liberal programs remain intact with a Republican dominated Congress?

Why is it so difficult for Republicans to enact policy when they have a majority?

Who are they trying to appease? Certainly not their voting base. From the outside it appears as if they have been infected by Democratitis, because their willingness to compromise has taken them far over the line.

Last week, in order to avoid a government shutdown, both the House and Senate passed a short term fix to the Spending Bill. They were in a flux over the health care part of the bill, but the moral standards of the party have gone missing. The revised version of the bill has reinserted Planned Parenthood funding. The Sanctuary city funding part is just more Democrat gravy.

The basic moral question becomes, “How does Planned Parenthood funding get put back into a bill upon revision when it was removed (for a year) the first time around?” Is this what Republicans consider to be compromise? If so, hang your religious liberties out on your flagpole with a white surrender flag because they just might be going away next.

Washington has sold out to liberals.

The members of the GOP have become one of two things: Democrat wolves under a thin sheepskin that has an R on it, or RINO’s who would rather keep their seats at the midterms than stand up for the morals that they ran on to get elected. Either way, it’s a lose-lose for America. We are headed down a dark tunnel as more unborn children will be vacuumed into eternity because of Planned Parenthood funding…and your tax dollars at work.

Maybe it’s time for you, the voter, to email, tweet, or call your Congress members and tell them that your vote will be going elsewhere.

Look at where their votes went on http://www.rollcall.com/ to see if they were included in the few, the ones with a backbone, who just said no to liberalism.

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One thought on “Did Your Congress Members Sell You Out on Health Care, Sanctuary Cities?

  1. Another great post Janice…
    For those who are tired of the uniparty of RINOs and Democrats there are better options:

    1) Text FEDERALIST to 53445 (caps required) and join the movement for a new #FederalistParty or email info@thefederalist.org and follow the Federalist Party on Facebook and twitter @Federalists_USA and share their posts
    Who is the Federalist Party?
    We are a grassroots political party based on the Constitution, defense of life, liberty and smaller federal govt. What’s different about us?
    We seek to do away with the party system by choosing principles over party and holding candidates accountable starting from the cities, counties, states and nationally.

    2) Join the grassroots movement of activists at United For Freedom on Facebook and Twitter, search #UnitedForFredom and share our missions and follow @littlebytesnews to join the core UFF Twitter team follow list and groups and/or UFF Research and Twitter Mission Team to participate in daily missions and special mission rallies to target elected officials from all levels of govt. Learn Twitter and/or grow your following and influence with like minded activists.

    Lastly, stay informed and active from the local level and up and make sure you call, tweet, email and Facebook messages to your elected officials. Don’t be afraid to vote third party and choose principles over party. It’s time to stop the uniparty in DC and beyond and try something different.

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