“Birds Don’t Lay Eggs Before Their Nest Is Ready” … Nest-Building 101 – Prerequisite Course

by Oletta Branstiter

I saw a brilliant meme on Facebook recently. It was a photo of a bird’s nest, with the words:

“Birds don’t lay eggs before their nest is ready.”

Can I get an “Amen!”? For more reasons than I can count, this should be the motto of humans, as well.  Just look at the current news or social media debates.

  • Why do we have nearly a million abortions per year in the United States? Because eggs were laid before a nest was ready.
  • Why are over a million babies born out of wedlock per year in the United States? Because eggs were laid before a nest was ready.
  • Why do as many as 6 million children suffer child abuse every year (most frequently at the hands of their parents)? Because eggs were laid before a nest was ready.
  • Why do 25% of American children live in a single-parent home? The number for black children is 72%! The vast majority of these families lack a father. Eggs were laid before a nest was ready.
  • Why has classroom behavior become markedly worse recently? Why do teachers and campus administrators have so much difficulty gaining support from parents in maintaining the proper discipline of students? Because eggs were laid before the nest was ready.

By now, you’re probably saying, “Okay. I get it. Eggs. Nests. What do we do about it?”

We teach the next generation how to build nests.

It will matter very little if our children know how to pass assessment tests, get into good colleges and snag high-paying jobs if they don’t know how to build their nests. Even the “successful” will fail at life if they fail at this one goal.

High-risk young adults might not even know what constitutes a nest. It’s our job to give them the resources they need.

  • Let’s start teaching children, at a young age, to value celibacy before marriage by introducing stories and lessons that honor sexual purity, abstinence before marriage, self-sufficiency and community service.
  • Instead of offering Home Economics and Technical Training courses only as high school electives, classes in Family Life and Independent Living should be required at every grade level.
  • Schools do not need to compete with political correctness and tawdry entertainment. True education recognizes that encourages a morality that will equip our children to be healthy, happy and productive citizens.

What if we emphasized successful family structure that consists of a mom, a dad, and obedient children, instead of pushing acceptance of dysfunction and dystopia?

Couldn’t we use stories of fully-functioning families who take time for each other, serve each other’s needs and work together to solve problems for reading assignments? Even math problems could feature fathers using tools to repair and build things for their families.

I would argue that learning how to handle a budget, keep a home clean and safe, treat minor health issues, care for the elderly, contribute to community service, take care of yard work, accomplish care and home maintenance and repair, shop for and cook healthy meals and provide consistent and responsible child discipline is even more important than writing a properly punctuated paragraph summary or learning the commutative property for algebra.

Let’s go back to “playing house” in preschool and beyond, inviting students to play-act roles as mothers and fathers in the household. Middle and high school students should spend regular time in classrooms of young children, as teachers’ aides, for credit, as they learn the patience and persistence needed to keep young children on task.

Oh, I know- this plan isn’t inclusive. It doesn’t honor diversity in lifestyle choices. Well, what has this gotten us, so far?

Instead of making excuses for, and even glorifying, dysfunction and confusion let’s try aiming for the ideals that ensure success in adulthood.

Let’s teach our children how to build nests.

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