The Choice is To Choose Life: Republican Senators Will Show Their True Colors on Spending Bill

By Janice Barlow

In a strange twist of events in DC, the most conservative of House Republicans decided to go along with the revised version of the Health Care bill, which was far from a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. The Health Care proposal is part of the Spending Bill. Like most bills, it is not a standalone bill, making the process of voting for parts that matter to congressional members a murky one. It’s a short term fix to avoid an otherwise inevitable government shutdown. The Trumpcare part will be added next week.

One of the sticking points for many conservative voters is the funding of Planned Parenthood. Oddly, the first version of the bill, which didn’t even go to a House vote, as it was recognized that it would fail, contained language that defunded Planned Parenthood, if only for a year. But the revision put that funding right back in for unknown reasons. It is just sitting there as part of what we now call “Trumpcare”, since President Trump supports this modified version as a victory.

It is difficult to fathom that a government which has a Republican president and holds a majority of seats in both the House and Senate, cannot seem to get its act together. These same people scoffed at the Democrats who had full control under President Obama in his first term and “couldn’t get anything done” before sweeping changes stole the majority away from the Democrats in Congress at the midterms. The same self-fulfilling prophecy may end up occurring in 2018 in favor of the Democrats.

The spending bill, which will next week include the watered down version of Obamacare, including Planned Parenthood,  passed the House just late this morning to avert the shutdown. The last stop is the Senate. Will the Senate Republicans block the bill next week when Trumpcare is included? The Spending Bill part will be going to a vote possibly within hours to avert a shutdown. That alone puts it on a shotgun course to approval of Trumpcare in the long run. Does the Senate have a more of a conservative base than the House, who had the House Freedom Caucus fighting this bill for weeks? It will be interesting to see where those senators who sided with the Freedom Caucus cast their votes; in particular, we will be watching Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Ben Sasse, and Rand Paul.

Rand Paul has been the most vocally opposed to the bill, so it is highly unlikely that he will support it. The Senate needs sixty votes to pass the ultimate bill. There are 52 Republican Senators in the Senate. That means that most Democrats would have to go along with the bill, and they will, since it is Obamacare with a few revisions to supposedly make it more appealing to the masses. What remains is a group of Republicans who must decide if passing this bill as a baby step away from the original Obamacare is more important than defunding Planned Parenthood.

What we are looking at, through a purely unbiased lens, would be a group of men and women who are deciding that it’s okay to be prochoice RINO’s rather than face a government shutdown. After all, if the short term version floats through the Senate, the longer term fix next week will just be a formality. Who will still stand on the principal of prolife which so many of them embraced during the primaries?

As a prolife conservative, this writer will watch very carefully. Because the Senators who vote for the bill and its funding of Planned Parenthood will not be on my list of possible presidential candidates when it comes time to cast my vote in the next election, or any thereafter. This is their chance to shine and prove they either are true prolife conservatives, or merely politicians.


Janice Barlow is a true crime author.  One of her two books on Amazon is, “Too Brief a Candle”.

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