Worst Breakfast Ever? BK Froot Loops Shake

By Michael Murillo

When commercials say that cereal is “part of a nutritious breakfast,” this isn’t what they meant.

Burger King has taken a kids’ staple and mixed it with their soft serve to create their Froot Loops Shake, which features — obviously — Froot Loops cereal pieces. It’s not meant to be breakfast, but it is meant to be sugary and sweet: In addition to the vanilla soft serve, they add whipped topping and an additional sweet sauce…because you can never get enough sugar.

Or maybe you can.

Each serving has more than 100 grams of sugar, as well as 720 calories! But if you loved Froot Loops as a kid (or an adult; we’re not judging), you can enjoy it again for a limited time. After all, your inner child would probably trade a bowl, milk and spoon for whipped topping and soft serve.

Check it out here.

(Photo, courtesy of Burger King)

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