Atheism is an Existential Threat to Our Republic

by Oletta Branstiter

Earth Day 2017 fell on a Friday, so some Americans decided to “celebrate” by protesting all weekend.

Thousands made time to participate in the March for Science rallies, instead of planting or tending gardens in their backyards or communities, apparently. Mother Earth may have preferred some agronomy activities to all the stomping and yelling.

It was another great excuse to protest President Trump and his campaign position denying human-caused Climate Change. Too bad no one informed the marchers that Trump has since softened his stand on this wealth-redistribution scheme. According to a January 19, 2017, Reuters report, “Rick Perry, President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to run the U.S. Energy Department, said during his Senate confirmation hearing on Thursday that global warming caused by humans is real, but that efforts to combat it should not cost American jobs.” (italics added)

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) was featured on CNN so that he could promote the hysterical conclusions of a pseudoscientific opinion formed on the basis of emotion rather than observation. This March for Science is the latest euphemism for “Denial of Deity”. The advent of subjective science becomes the fluid authority our politically correct society meekly obeys.

Like the rule of law in a Republic, the rule of a Creator-God who secures and guarantees our unalienable rights is the principle upon which our fullest liberty is realized and maintained.

Without acknowledgment of the existence and authority of a divine Creator, the very foundation of our Republic is dismantled.

By propping up currently accepted “rights” with the flimsy scaffolding of propaganda, our individual sovereignty is threatened.

In spite of biological and physiological evidence to the contrary, gender fluidity has become accepted as a human right under the atheistic whims of a vocal minority.

An American population that has been deceived into acting as if our nation is a Democracy, is bombarded with popular media insisting that in our post-God society, human rights are what hedonistic protestors say they are at any given moment. Invented human rights now include food, shelter, transportation, communication and entertainment provided at the expense of strangers who work for a living. Committed socialists and apologists are now demanding free college, especially for minorities.

By denying the authority of a Creator, these Progressives deny basic dignity to millions who have been falsely convinced that they are unworthy of autonomous motivation and success. Instead of being empowered by the inherent value of being a child of God, victimhood and dependence upon the charity of the State define citizens as mere wards of the government. Historically, this leads to dangerous abuse by tyrants who have the capricious authority to redefine the parameters of merit at will.

A degree in rocket science isn’t necessary to understand that by empowering Creator-deniers, the security and liberty protected by our nation’s charter are seriously undermined.

Top photo credit: The Blaze

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