When Push Comes to Shove – America’s Divided, But Bernie’s Back On Tour

by Oletta Branstiter

When push comes to shove, a fight often breaks out and we realize that Bernie Sanders is still in the ring.

“More than a dozen Democrats interviewed by The Hill say the Vermont Independent has become a powerful and welcome voice for the party struggling to find its identity after a devastating defeat in 2016.” Democratic strategist Jim Manley called Bernie “a good Democrat”.

Sanders and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez recently appeared at seven state rallies for unity in a period of six days. The tour, named “Come Together and Fight Back” endorses the angry demand for more Socialism.

When a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist can launch a campaign challenging Liberal Queen Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination, it’s evident that our Republic is in jeopardy.

The fact that a Constitutionally illiterate, bombastic egotist promoting visceral Nationalistic populism, like Donald Trump, could snatch victory from the presumed Progressive winner makes the situation exponentially more disturbing to American patriots.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Democrat voters, frustrated with the failures of President Obama’s promised Progressive Utopia, yearn for a more fully committed comrade to make all their Communist dreams come true.

The successful bullying tactics of Donald Trump’s campaign invite an equal and oppositional response by Democrats hoping to engage their constituents in a similar emotionally-charged counterpunch.

The Republican Party’s triumphant knockout of the Democratic darling is the perfect challenge for a satisfying and retaliatory beat-down. While the GOP has veered far right into jingoism to foment the zeal of a new voting base, the Democrats see their own future invested in the clenched fists of equally angered and Constitutionally ignorant populists of the Left.

Instead of promoting an invitation to “come, let us reason together”, we’ve become a nation represented by those who brag about punching back “twice as hard”.

Based on this current volatile sentiment, it’s easy to understand the historical ire of Davy Crockett after losing his Congressional seat in 1834. Voters, apparently siding with the type of Nationalism that prompted President Andrew Jackson to forcibly remove Native Americans from their ancestral territories, rejected the conservative yet compassionate ideologies of the frontiersman.

As a representative for Tennessee, Crockett had argued against bleeding-heart liberals who voted taxpayer largesse to be donated to a widow of a naval officer. He had argued, correctly, that the Constitution has no power to appropriate taxpayer money to charity. He ended his speech by promising one week of his own pay to the widow’s cause, challenging every other representative to do the same, proving that it is possible to be Constitutional and compassionate with equal measure while preserving the integrity of Rule of Law for posterity.

Crockett, in frustration at losing his Congressional seat and his argument against Socialism, decided to shove off and exclaimed, “Y’all can go to hell. I’m going to Texas,” where he gave his life for Texas sovereignty at the doomed battle of the Alamo.

Instead of fighting each other, let’s dedicate ourselves to fighting for our Constitutional Republic and our individual responsibility toward our fellow man.

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