Three Major Cities Suffer Simultaneous Power Outages on April 21st – Was Earth Day an Ominous Warning?

by Oletta Branstiter

What do major power outages mean for us?

New York City subways were crippled on Friday morning when power was interrupted at the 53rd Street station in Manhattan, affecting many other lines and holding up thousands of morning commuters. The failure occurred at 7:30 am and was finally restored at 11:30 am. ConEdison ambiguously blamed a problem with the area’s electrical line.

During this window of time, Los Angeles, CA, also suffered power failures at the LAX Airport and surrounding areas. No cause has yet been reported.

San Francisco, CA, suffered the most inconvenience with seven hours of disruption throughout the city caused by a fire at the Larkin Street substation, according to the Pacific Gas and Electric company spokesperson.

While initial speculation entertained the threat of possible terrorism, authorities in all three cities continue to steadfastly claim the outages as a mere coincidence. On the day that the whole world, especially energy-guzzling countries like the United States are prompted to consider the daily damage humans inflict on Mother Earth, the message of these three simultaneous power outages seems loud and clear.

While the word “coincidence” literally means occurring simultaneously, without the presumption of integral causes, we can draw some of our own conclusions from this frightening incident.

First: Citizens of the three largest cities in our nation are now painfully aware that their lives are ruled by the diligent maintenance of two vulnerable electrical grids. (A third smaller grid supplies most of the huge state of Texas.)

Second: Would-be terrorists got a satisfying glimpse of how Americans depend on artificially produced light, heat, transportation, and protection.

Third: This should be a wake-up call to us all.

What’s your plan when the lights go out?

It’s no coincidence that the embedded ads in some of the news articles about these coincidental power failures featured survival and prepper supplies.

It might be time for every responsible citizen to have a G.O. (Get Out) Bag on hand for such an event. Explosive attacks are horrifying to contemplate, especially in highly populated areas where the most damage can be accomplished for nefarious purposes. But, in this era, all the enemy needs is an atmospheric detonation that causes more long-term disruption than a ground attack. If and when an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) strikes your city and every electrical device, including your car, grinds to halt, could you hoof it to safety? Could you do it in relative comfort and safety? Your wallet may have all the best credit cards, but what else is in your bag when all hell breaks loose?

While we’re making demands of our local, state and federal representatives to take every precaution for the safety of all citizens, we have the responsibility as sovereign citizens to secure our own personal safety, as much as possible.


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