O’Reilly, Others Who’ve Been Canned from Fox News, Is it Age Related?

By Janice Barlow

Whether Bill O’Reilly was cut loose from Fox News because of his escapades or his ratings, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The debate continues to fly back and forth over social media. The part of the NeverTrump crowd who likes Bill enquires about the double standard. How could the cable news network let one of their top guns go who has some questionable incidents in his past, and yet fawn over the president, whose own past is mired in adultery, misogyny and promiscuity?  Others who like Trump and also admire O’Reilly are confused as to why this happened now, and not many months ago, when the accusations against the commanding prime time host were trending. A third crowd is glad that Bill is gone and look forward to…Tucker Carlson? Um, okay.

Reflecting back on those who have bit the dust on Fox since the scandal and departure of owner, Roger Ailes, who was accurately accused of sexually harassing women employees on the network, there appears to now be a pattern developing. Greta Van Susteren, Gretchen Carlson, and Megan Kelly were intelligent women who left. They were the top echelon and caused a disturbance in the force. None of them had to worry about their futures. They are strong, smart, and ambitious.

Gretchen Carlson successfully sued Ailes for sexual harassment.

Next, we have those who were fired from Fox. Here is where things get interesting. Starting with O’Reilly and looking back at a few – recently, commentator George Will was let go. Well, he wasn’t on the Trump train and thus was accused of not being conservative. That is a laugh and a half if one only looks at the books and articles he has written. Will is to the right of Attila the Hun.

Of course, Geraldo Rivera was fired. But no one can say he was not leaning left. However, what happened to the “balanced” part of “fair and balanced”? Granted, Rivera is an oddball, but every network needs one like him, if only to give ratings a boost now and then. For certain, he can’t be called boring!

Another man who kept the scales balanced was Bob Beckel. Of course he wasn’t liked by the Right, but he was a lure for moderates and even blue dog Democrats to tune in to Fox News. Apparently, the network didn’t think so.

Here’s my alternative theory. I believe that Fox is trying to appeal to the neocons in their 20’s and 30’s, and maybe up to mid-40’s. They already have all the middle agers and up whom they are going to get. So their method is to let the “older” hosts and commentators fall by the wayside, and beef up the visuals with Barbie and Ken doll eye candy. Just look back at who has been let go and who has taken over.

This is not new for them. Fox and Friends has had the babe in the middle on the couch, in the too-short dress seen beneath the glass table, with the sleeveless dress and low neckline, even in subzero winter temperatures, for years now. She sits between two men who aren’t dressed in GQ flashy polo shirts and dockers, which would complement her Cosmo style, but she is sandwiched between two dark suits, who keep getting younger but continue to dress appropriately.

The few women who are successful in this role, move on. The ones who are not, move out. But they are invariably replaced by another who is usually a bleached blonde shoved into a too tight dress, who knows to giggle at inappropriate times. Donald Trump is watching. Is this why or is it what drives ratings up?

Bill O’Reilly is not ugly, but he’s no GQ hottie either. He’s eligible for a senior discount and Tucker Carlson is not. I’m just calling it how I see it.

And there a new accusation of sexual harassment against none other than Trump darling, Sean Hannity. Debbie Schussel, his accuser, is not just anyone. Here is a small list of her accomplishments. (Click on “accomplishments”).

Will he be the next middle-ager to be handed his walking papers? Time will tell.

I’ll just watch baseball. It’s far more interesting and nobody giggles.


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