Facebook Killer Done In By McDonald’s Fries

By Michael Murillo

By now you know that Steve Stephens, the Cleveland man who live-streamed a killing on Facebook, turned the gun on himself after a police chase.

But did you know that french fries played a big role in tracking him down?

Turns out that Stephens pulled into a McDonald’s to order a 20-piece nuggets and large fry (we’ll ignore the calories in that order for now). A sharp-eyed employee recognized him, alerted the manager and the restaurant called the police.

But fast food orders don’t take a lot of time, so the employees stalled the murderer by telling him the fries weren’t quite ready. He got his nuggets, but after waiting for a while he finally sped off without his fries.

Fortunately, he was detained long enough to get the police involved, and the ensuing chase led to his suicide. If not for the employees at McDonald’s, he might still be at large.

No word yet on reward money for the employees or any recognition from their corporate office, but many people believe that they deserve it.




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