Tennessee “Beast” Kidnapper Caught in California!

By Janice Barlow

Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Thomas has been found alive in Cecilville, CA, along with the teacher who kidnapped her, 50-year-old Tad Cummins. Elizabeth may have become infatuated with her burly and uncomely teacher because of her obsession with Disney’s re-release of the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”.

After a five-week nationwide manhunt, a successful arrest was made in the small California town just south of the Oregon border. The location is so remote that as of this morning, Elizabeth was unable to speak with her family, who is thrilled that she is safe.

The last sighting of the pair was in an Oklahoma Walmart back on March 15th, after their initial disappearance on the 13th. There was no external evidence of harm to Elizabeth when she was first rescued by law enforcement. More details will be forthcoming as the investigation heightens.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced last month that charges would be pending for sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. Cummins’ wife, who had filed for divorce, was extremely emotional over the news that both were found safe. She still can’t comprehend why her husband had made this horrific decision and has not spoken to him.

I suspect books and a movie will be in the works.

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