Fast Food News: The Burger Joint You Need to Follow on Twitter

By Michael Murillo

If you’re going to follow a fast food chain on Twitter (not saying you should, but if you do), there’s only one account worth following.

They’re not the biggest company, and they’re not the best-known company. But Wendy’s has — by far — the most hilarious Twitter account out of any fast food chain.

Sometimes they respond to random fans:

Sometimes they get into arguments with people trying to trash their food, and it usually doesn’t go well for the amateur critic.

And frequently, they end up slamming a rival in the process.

Then there’s the whole Nuggs for Carter saga, which has taken on a life of its own.

Corporate accounts are normally boring and stale, for fear of offending someone or deviating from a carefully-crafted corporate image. Why follow a company’s account when all you’ll get is press releases and sugar-coated comments? But this company is doing it right, and they’re worth a follow.

All hail Wendy’s, Queen of Twitter!

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