America’s Disgraceful Saudi Relations Now Under Scrutiny Due To Khashoggi Murder

photo of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, murdered by Saudi operatives in Turkey

by Richard Cameron   I have been writing about the scandal of our foreign policy partnering with Saudi Arabia for years. I have warned that Saudi Arabia is a evil empire that has been committing human rights abuses at home and responsible for atrocities in their region.  As such, news that Turkey (another notoriously un-democratic player in the Middle East), has fingered the House of Saud for the death of an American journalist, was not unexpected. Jamal Khashoggi, a reporter for the Washington Post entered the Saudi Embassy on October…

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The Trump $700 Billion Pentagon Budget – Sustainable, Or A Risk To Our Empire?

by Richard Cameron Donald Trump, a few days ago, signed a $696 billion dollar defense package, the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).  During the signing ceremony in the Roosevelt Room, Trump commented, “Today with the signing of this defense bill, we accelerate the process of fully restoring America’s military might.” Trump acknowledged the reality that Congress still must appropriate the funds. “Now Congress must finish the job by eliminating the defense sequester and passing a clean appropriations bill. I think it’s going to happen. We need our military; it’s…

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What Will Saudi Arabia Do With The $110 Billion In Arms Donald Trump Is Selling Them?

by Richard Cameron President Donald Trump was in Riyadh today meeting with King Salman, other members of the House of Saud and Saudi Arabian government officials. Off topic for the meetings were human-rights violations committed by the Kingdom, but on the schedule was a ceremonial signing of an agreement to sell the Saudis $110 billion in weapons and weapon systems. What have the Saudis been using the arms they have been purchasing from American defense contractors for and what can be expected going forward? The Saudis have employed U.S. supplied weapons and that of…

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