As Long As Assad Remains In Power, The West Is Losing In Syria

photo image of bombed out apartments and buildings in the suburbs of Damascus.

by Tony Wyman Assad will remain in control of Syria – Missile strikes or not   President Trump rightly called Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad a monster. That is precisely what the tyrant is, an evil man with no conscience who deserves to meet a bloody end at the hands of his own people. While last night’s strikes degraded his ability, we’ve been told, to use chemical weapons such as Chlorine gas, to murder more helpless children in his country, it did nothing at all to remove Mr. Assad from power. What…

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What Will Saudi Arabia Do With The $110 Billion In Arms Donald Trump Is Selling Them?

by Richard Cameron President Donald Trump was in Riyadh today meeting with King Salman, other members of the House of Saud and Saudi Arabian government officials. Off topic for the meetings were human-rights violations committed by the Kingdom, but on the schedule was a ceremonial signing of an agreement to sell the Saudis $110 billion in weapons and weapon systems. What have the Saudis been using the arms they have been purchasing from American defense contractors for and what can be expected going forward? The Saudis have employed U.S. supplied weapons and that of…

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