The Mechanics Of Donald Trump And Vladimir Putin’s Disinformation Operations

photo of well known graffiti of Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump kissing on wall of business in Vilnius, Lithuania

by Kseniya Kirillova While analyzing all that is happening today in the United States, I’ve often noticed the striking similarity between the behavior and propaganda of President Trump with his entourage and President Putin’s Russia. The similarities are so obvious that sometimes it seems that Trump and his team’s methodologies were written in Moscow. Renown Russian opposition politician and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov recently last year the typical game plan that an autocratic leader follows when he gets caught “red-handed.” This is what it looks like: Deny, lie, slander. Claim that it was a misunderstanding.…

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Be the Change You Seek – We’re All Missionaries

pair of vintage army lace up boots

by Oletta Branstiter I first met Joe Ragan in 1999, after my nine-year-old homeschooled daughter said she wanted to adopt some local grandparents. After a few exploratory phone calls, we were invited to participate in a local ESL program. That’s how we started our seven-year relationship with Jewish Family Services, meeting in the two nearby synagogues, that welcomed Christian volunteers. There was Joe, a valuable American translator who took the opportunity to practice his Ukrainian language skills while he attended Seminary. After college and a career in newspaper advertising, he decided to…

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A Global Cyberattack Cripples 99 Countries Including Russia And UK’s National Health Service

By Dani Graham  Almost 100 countries around the world are dealing with the aftermath of a global cyberattack which hijacked the files of some 100,000 computers. The ransomware called WanaCrypt0r 2.0 infiltrates a computer and locks up the files by encrypting them which in turn renders it useless to the user. As people around the world went to access their computers they were met with a dire message demanding 300 in bitcoins in order to regain control of their files. Researchers have detected the ransomware in 99 countries with Russia…

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