Tucker Carlson 2024: How What Follows Trump Becomes Much Worse

by Tony Wyman After two years and almost 10 months of watching Donald Trump humiliate the United States, make a mockery of our institutions and traditions, and treat the rule of law like he treats his porn star girlfriends, you might think this White House is as bad as it can get. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Let’s be honest about Mr. Trump for a bit, shall we?  For all of his braggadocio, his claims of being the richest, the toughest, the best dealmaker, the smartest and wisest man of all…

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Mueller Report Results In Premature Exoneration For Trump Mouthpieces

photo of Robert Mueller, former FBI director and Special Counsel

by Richard Cameron   Trump’s media cartel and others in Republican ranks are already speculating that the Special Counsel’s report turned in to the Justice Department on Friday, will not contain specific details about Donald Trump’s participation in a conspiracy with Russian operatives to impact the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The notion among those in these circles is that because there may be no ‘smoking gun’ in Robert Mueller’s report specifically demonstrating Trump himself coordinating with the Russians, that they can spin Mueller’s summary into an exoneration of…

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The Border Wall Dance – Donald Trump And His Two Left Feet

photo image of existing border fence between Mexico and the U.S.

by Richard Cameron The government shutdown continues apace heading into the New Year, spurred on by Donald Trump’s insistence on $5 billion for the border wall he based most of his premise as a candidate for the presidency.  During the campaign, Trump made innumerable pledges about the wall. In sum, they were typified by this.  “On day one, we will work on an impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful southern border wall”. Policy advisors within his administration have counseled the president that what he promised his steadfast constituency, is not feasible.…

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The Derailing of the Trump Presidency and Why Many Supporters are Finally Walking Away

By Janice Barlow PRESIDENT TRUMP HAS ANGERED MANY on the right from the start. They didn’t vote for him, didn’t back him, and some grudgingly gave him a nod when he did the occasional good thing that they expected from a president who wasn’t Obama. I struggle to think of an example beyond Neil Gorsuch, a name picked from a list of semi- to completely conservative SCOTUS justice picks that any Republican president would have chosen acceptably from. Of course, the response is always: But Hillary wouldn’t have! Let’s move…

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O’Reilly, Others Who’ve Been Canned from Fox News, Is it Age Related?

By Janice Barlow Whether Bill O’Reilly was cut loose from Fox News because of his escapades or his ratings, it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. The debate continues to fly back and forth over social media. The part of the NeverTrump crowd who likes Bill enquires about the double standard. How could the cable news network let one of their top guns go who has some questionable incidents in his past, and yet fawn over the president, whose own past is mired in adultery, misogyny and promiscuity?  Others who like…

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The Murdochs Dismiss Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly – The Spin Stops Permanently

By Dani Graham Sexual harassment scandals have changed the face of Fox News after taking down its founder and CEO, Roger Ailes and now it’s top-rated host, Bill O’Reilly. It was 9 months ago when a former host of the network, Gretchen Carlson, bravely decided to stand up and speak out when she filed suit against Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Her courage to share her story opened the floodgates by empowering a multitude of women to come forward with their own experiences. Once Ailes resigned Fox vowed to continue…

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