We Need to Address the Danger from Trump’s Fake News Awards

United States President Donald Trump.

by Dr. Gleb Tsipursky Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards” for what he calls “the most corrupt & biased of the Mainstream Media” have drawn mockery. However, behavioral science research suggests they are deadly serious. These awards create an institution for Trump’s relentless attacks on mainstream media and position Trump as the only voice who gets to determine truthful media. Unfortunately, the typical style of news coverage will perpetuate Trump’s agenda. However, a different style informed by behavioral science strategies would convey more accurate information and address the damage from the…

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With Friends Like Trump, Israel Doesn’t Need Enemies

By David Cholesterol Whoop de friggin’ doo! Like sporting a yarmulke and touching the Wailing Wall, President Trump fed his cult with yet another meaningless STUNT by declaring the obvious… that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  BUT… there’s a YUGE Trump “but” here… Simply recognizing Jerusalem would only reaffirm existing law. In 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the Jerusalem Embassy Relocation Act, which formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The law called for the capital to be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem no later than 1999. However,…

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Did Trumpism Break Your Moral Compass?

  By David Cholesterol While President (I abhor using this word in reference to him) Trump is nonsensically lying about Time magazine calling him about being “Man of the Year,” Trump propagandist Sean Hannity calling “bullshit” on Time, Trump claiming the infamous Access Hollywood “grab them by the pussy” tapes were fabricated (even after he admitted they were real in the general election), his Moore-onic support for a pedophile, his whoring of a conspiracy kook website while screaming FAKE NEWS, and his diarrhea of the mouth moment while hosting the World War II…

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Donald Trump and Steve Bannon: Trophy Hunting The Republican Party

photo of skull, tusks and upper vertebrae of Pachyderm skeleton

by Tony Wyman How ironic that President Trump, the man who history may credit with the destruction of the Republican Party, has come out against trophy hunting elephants.  Isn’t that, in effect, what his presidential campaign and his presidency, itself, has been all about? It certainly is for his chief supporters, men like Steve Bannon, who told crowds at the Values Voter Summit in October, “Nobody can run and hide on this one. These folks are coming for you,” referring to rebel alt-right candidates targeting mainstream Republicans opposed to Mr. Bannon’s…

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Donald Trump – The First Post Truth President And The Tragedy Of The Commons

Trump Swearing In Ceremony during Inauguration

By GLEB TSIPURSKY  Donald Trump is our first post-truth president. And he may well be the first of many. The Oxford Dictionaries website chose “post-truth” as its 2016 word of the year, in large part due to Trump’s success in the presidential election. It defined post-truth as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.” (Incidentally, the 2015 word of the year wasn’t a word at all but the “face with tears of joy” emoji.) Trump’s…

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Former Trump advisors, Paul Manafort and Rick Gates charged with Conspiracy; Papadopolous Admits Lying

By Dani Graham President Trump‘s former campaign manager and chief strategist, Paul Manafort, turned himself into federal authorities this morning. In addition, Rick Gates, longtime business partner of Manafort and another former Trump campaign official has been urged to turn himself in. The charges filed against Manafort and Gates include conspiracy against the United States, foreign lobbying, money laundering, and tax evasion are shown here: News that the first charges were approved by a federal grand jury broke on Friday, while rumors swirled that the first indictments would be issued…

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The “Covfefe” Deflection

Photo credit: Bill Blood By Janice Barlow In the short time that has passed in the Trump presidency, there seems to never be a dull moment. Of recent viral interest was his mysterious tweet, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe“. Several articles have been written about the possible meaning of the word, “covfefe“. Just this morning, MSN news said that the word doesn’t seem to exist in any human language. That appears to be the case when viewing the “word” in its exact spelling. However, in Samoan, the syllables, “ko…

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Understanding the First Amendment and the Protection of the Bill of Rights

by Dena Leichnitz What people do not understand about the First Amendment could fill up the Grand Canyon and what the current administration doesn’t understand about it could fill up to infinity and beyond, as Buzz Lightyear used to say. I wrote this statement about a Bill of Rights I wrote for my school, but it holds even more truth for the actual Bill of Rights: No one fights for words on a page, they fight for ideals, they fight for what is right, it has to mean something. So…

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