Trickle Down Tax Reform – Engine Of Economic Growth Or Simply A Trick?

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by Richard Cameron This week, Senate Republicans are in a furious scamper to get so called “tax reform” on Donald Trump’s desk, who will assuredly sign it. Trump is desperate to sign anything at this point, so he can boast that his presidency is “winning” – at any price.  Actually, the price is right, from the viewpoint of Trump and his investment class cronies, because no matter what happens with the economy going forward –  he and they will be able to evade even more of their share of the…

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Nothing is Certain But Death And That Donald Trump Won’t Show His Taxes

by Richard Cameron Donald Trump continues his recalcitrant stance regarding submitting his tax returns, while at the same time 80 percent of Americans believe that President Trump is obligated to release them. A new poll this week conducted by the Global Strategy Group found that 80 percent of Americans wanted to see Trump’s tax returns. The sentiment demanding an in depth review of Trump’s taxes remains consistent. A national Quinnipiac University survey conducted in August of 2016 found that: Among all likely voters surveyed, 74 percent said the businessman should release his tax…

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