Newspapers Face Rising Costs Due To Trump Commerce Department Tariffs

by Lynda Bryant-Work Community newspapers are being threatened by a newsprint tariff imposed on Canadian paper mills by the Trump administration in January. In a decision opposed by some Republicans, the U.S. Commerce Department imposed a 22.16 percent import tariff on Canadian newsprint companies it says are unfairly pricing their paper against U.S. mills. A final decision in the investigation is expected about Aug. 2, the Commerce Department said, but U.S. Customs authorities began collecting cash deposits immediately from Canadian importers based on the preliminary duty rate. The tariffs issue…

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Portergate Continues – FBI Director Christopher Wray Undermines White House Narrative

Christopher Wray in testimony before a Senate committee

by Richard Cameron   The Trump White House has yet again been caught with its pants down with regard to material facts and their role regarding the Rob Porter controversy. We covered the White House’s suspicious accounting of when they became aware of Porter’s spousal abuse issues and the backfilling they engaged in last week, but now, in questioning in a Congressional hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray has officially contradicted the statements of Trump’s communications staff. Raj Shaw, deputy press secretary, told reporters last Thursday, that the FBI background investigation…

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New Signs Of Collusion Between Trump And Russia Is Another “Nothing-Burger”, We’re Told

Donald Trump Jr. speaking at a campaign event for his father

by Oletta Branstiter Americans have been fed so many of what President Trump’s spokespeople, media surrogates and legal flunkies term “nothing-burgers” concerning the litany of scandals surrounding Trump, his campaign and administration – that we’re all starting to feel nauseous. But yet again, President Trump’s apologists have buckled on their tap shoes and are dancing like mad to make excuses for Donald Trump Jr’s email release today. Here is page 4 (which did not post due to space constraints). — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) July 11, 2017 This is…

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