Writer’s Lounge 10-23-19, “Joker”, William Taylor, Mick Mulvaney, Lindsey Graham

photo of a room that has old, comfortable Leather upholstered couches, a fireplace, wood paneled walls, an Irish Whiskey advertisement, a wall mounted television and a vintage coffee table. The photo is dubbed, "Writer's Lounge".

  Thanks for visiting us here once again, in the lounge. Oddly enough, we do get a lot of work done here and much of it involves thinking. And on the subject of thinking, we just published a long form essay on the intense film from writer, director and producer, Todd Phillips – “Joker”. It is a film that makes a lot of people uncomfortable because it provokes thought and provoking thought in American society can often breed resentment. We do a fair piece of that at National Compass. The…

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Todd Phillips’ “Joker” Is Something To See, But No Laughing Matter

alley scene from the film "Joker" where the main character Arthur Fleck, is seen lying on the pavement after being brutally beaten by a street gang.

  by Richard Cameron   Joker   This Sunday, my son and I attended a screening of “Joker” at the Theatre Box, part of the Sugar Factory complex in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.  More about them, in a moment. Don’t worry, I’m not taking a 12 year old to an “R” rated film – he’s a grown adult, even if I’m not.    Prior to viewing “Joker”, a film written, directed and produced by Todd Phillips – with Bradley Cooper (“A Star Is Born”, “American Sniper”) as co-producer, and released by…

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