The GOP’s Incredible Christmas Gift To Corporations

photo image of hand offering Christmas stocking brimming with gifts to an individual not seen in image

GOP and President Trump play Santa to Corporations and One Percenters President Donald Trump called the recently-passed tax bill “an incredible Christmas gift” for middle-class Americans. In reality, the tax bill takes money from the pockets of middle-class Americans and gives it to corporations. Anyone who claims the tax bill primarily benefits the middle class is spreading falsehoods. With the new bill, the tax rate for corporations is reduced from 35 percent to 21 percent. That makes a total reduction of 40 percent from what they were paying earlier. Other…

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Teaching Takes a Backseat to Infrastructure and Trimmings: Your Tax Dollars and the Public Schools

By Janice Barlow After recently participating in a debate on why a $250 tax deduction for teachers to buy supplies was chopped out of the new tax bill by the House, I couldn’t let the real reason for the issue just rest. The Senate was generous enough to make it a $500 deduction, but it still needs to be reconciled with the House. It’s not about the $250, (which is merely a deduction, not a credit).  It’s about why teachers shouldn’t be buying supplies for students at all – or parents…

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Boiling Over – How Profit and Power Undermined Principle to Produce a Revolution

By Oletta Branstiter The Real Revolution – the Global Story of American Independence, by Marc Aronson, focuses on the concurrent lives of three 18th century British soldiers Robert Clive, James Wolfe, and George Washington and their influence on the American Revolution. Equally compelling is how the hypocritical ideologies played out simultaneously on three separate continents converged to set the stage for rebellion. Some political realities set the groundwork for this unfolding history. England established the East India Company, colonizing cities in sweltering India in the year 1600. While a British parliament…

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