Expecting the Unexpected: How Survivalists Prep

by J. Lee Many people consider survivalists who are also called preppers as those who wear tin foil hats. That is not a true assessment. It is never a waste of time to be prepared or to learn basic survival skills. The opinion of skeptics is of no surprise. Many prefer to take it one day at a time. They never think of scenarios when not being prepared could become a matter of life and death. They think crisis will never happen to them. I have had a survivalist mentality since…

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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper, Too? Water – The Elixir Of Life

by Oletta Branstiter Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink! This is what recent victims of Texas and Florida hurricanes experienced. They were literally at risk of drowning in water too dangerous to sustain them! On Tap The first provision we should consider for emergency preparedness is water. A human can live up to three weeks without food, but only three days without this basic but precious commodity. Like most people, especially in the developed world, you probably get your water from a faucet or refrigerator dispenser. You…

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Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Prepper, Too? – Emergency And Survival Shelter

photo of a campsite and campfire

by Oletta Branstiter Gimme Shelter! When the excrement hits the oscillator, the first thing to consider for immediate survival is shelter. What are the bare necessities of a shelter? At the very least, a shelter must protect us from the weather and environmental dangers. It must provide an enclosed space, defensible entry, enough space to store resources and do protected tasks, and places for everyone to rest. Hard Lessons My daughter, a Hurrican Harvey survivor, is learning that shelter can involve more than mere survival. When the flood waters began…

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