Second Amendment: Once Gone, There Is No Turning Back

By Lynda Bryant-Work Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin, 1755.  Every student of American history knows the words. And every lover of liberty has heard them and known that they speak to that great truth about the constitution of civilized government – that governments are empowered to protect its citizens in a devil’s bargain from which they will lose in the long run. Through the history of the world, tyrants have sought power under the guise…

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Trump Toadies For State And CIA – Mike Pompeo And Gina Haspel Under The Microscope

photo of Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo - photo credit Greg Skidmore

by Richard Cameron   As is typically the fashion with Donald Trump – looking for appointees that he perceives will put loyalty to him and his personal interests ahead of their obligation to serve America, Trump has opted to move two dubious administration officials around on the organizational chart.  Since Secretary of State Rex Tillerson would not echo Trump’s patently false narrative about Russia, he was dismissed last week and in his place – subject to confirmation, will be present CIA Director, Mike Pompeo.  Pompeo, depending upon who you ask,…

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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: Security vs. Freedom

by Oletta Branstiter Big Brother is watching, and apparently, we’re okay with it. Steve Stevens’ Facebook video promoting his own act of murder went viral on Easter Sunday. Virtually everyone who has access to mass media knew his face. A craving for a chicken nuggets meal did him in when a McDonald’s employee recognized him and called the police. His resulting suicide was not broadcast to the public, but odds are, it was picked up by a security camera mounted nearby. Former and current TV shows like Person of Interest, APB, and Hunted demonstrate…

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