Where Did Real Men Go? Women; The Blame is Partially Yours

direction signs one point right (strength) the other pointing opposite left (weakness)

 J. Lee Where Did Real Men Go? What happened? I want to stress this story is not an attempt to bash men. In fact, this story also addresses the woman’s movement who is equally responsible. I don’t think men are 100% at fault, because women have done their part in role confusion. Society has hit a crossroad of extreme gender confusion. Some men have lost their masculinity and some women have lost their femininity. Traditional roles have been replaced with uncertainty. We have lost harmony and balance between male and female…

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“Birds Don’t Lay Eggs Before Their Nest Is Ready” … Nest-Building 101 – Prerequisite Course

by Oletta Branstiter I saw a brilliant meme on Facebook recently. It was a photo of a bird’s nest, with the words: “Birds don’t lay eggs before their nest is ready.” Can I get an “Amen!”? For more reasons than I can count, this should be the motto of humans, as well.  Just look at the current news or social media debates. Why do we have nearly a million abortions per year in the United States? Because eggs were laid before a nest was ready. Why are over a million babies…

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