India’s Persistent Rape Culture – What’s Behind It? What Will End It?

Women protest publicly to mobilize the public to demand a change to India's national rape culture

by Richard Cameron India’s Rape Culture Editor’s note  – the reader is advised that many of the details of this report are extremely graphic and disturbing. Once again, the world was shocked at a grotesque rape story coming out of India.  Last week, a 16 year old girl was kidnapped from her home in rural Jharkand, taken to a wooden area nearby and sexually assaulted by as many as 20 men, according to reports. The girl’s family, upon hearing what happened, reported it to the village council (panchayat) and demanded arrests…

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The Shame of Assault, Molestation and Rape; and How False Accusers Damage Survivors

by J. Lee The Shame of Assault, Molestation, Rape and False Accusers My heart aches for girls, boys, women and men who have been victims of sexual crimes committed by family members, acquaintances and strangers. Rape and molestation is all about power and control. It is not about the age of the victim, what a person wears, the victims appearance, if the victim is sexually active or if the person is a prostitute. No means no! Even after a rape or assault crime, people are violated by the medical process, the rape kit…

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Talking About Sexual Assault: Why Victims Keep Silent

By Dena Leichnitz Sexual Assault and why the victims stay silent With all the recent talk about sexual assault, there seems to be a lot of doubt about whether they are true or not, based on the fact that the person bringing forth the charges never brought them forth before. The going thought on the subject is the longer you wait the more likely you are lying. But that is far from the truth. According to the U.S Department of Justice only 30 percent of sexual assault cases are reported.…

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The SuperHero Superpowers Of Flight Or Invisibility: Morality is All That Separates Us

video still of D.C. comics superhero Superman in flight rescuing the falling passenger cabin and fuselage of a jumbo jet.

by Tony Wyman There is a question that, on the surface, seems perfectly innocuous, but, when answered, reveals a great deal about us as individuals. Here it is: If you could have one super power, choosing between the ability to fly without an aircraft or the ability to be completely invisible at times of your choosing, which would you choose? Flight or invisibility. Pick one. To my shame, like probably half of you reading this – I took invisibility. Why this choice reveals so much is explained in one of…

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Refocusing on Victims of Sexual Abuse: Teens and Children, and How You Can Help

By Janice Barlow All the media attention that has resulted from teenagers being sexually assaulted has once again put the topic in the limelight. This article is not about the innocence or guilt of any one person, but instead about an issue that needs more focus because our children are the future of this country, and as potential victims, they are facing some serious challenges. We have lost sight of who these victims are. They are children and teens everywhere, from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds. We know that in…

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