Writer’s Lounge 10-23-19, “Joker”, William Taylor, Mick Mulvaney, Lindsey Graham

photo of a room that has old, comfortable Leather upholstered couches, a fireplace, wood paneled walls, an Irish Whiskey advertisement, a wall mounted television and a vintage coffee table. The photo is dubbed, "Writer's Lounge".

  Thanks for visiting us here once again, in the lounge. Oddly enough, we do get a lot of work done here and much of it involves thinking. And on the subject of thinking, we just published a long form essay on the intense film from writer, director and producer, Todd Phillips – “Joker”. It is a film that makes a lot of people uncomfortable because it provokes thought and provoking thought in American society can often breed resentment. We do a fair piece of that at National Compass. The…

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