Ongoing Fallout From Trump’s Press Conference And Helsinki Summit With Putin

by Richard Cameron Helsinki Summit – A Disaster and a bigly clean up job Donald Trump, after approximately 24 hours of furious reactions to his abominable actions in Helsinki, relented to administration political advisors and agreed to stage what amounted to a transparently insincere damage control dog and pony show. What caused the firestorm to begin with?  Let’s put those on the table first, so we can examine the validity of Trump’s gainsaying of his behavior on foreign soil. Trump’s statements at the post private meeting press conference were standard…

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Don’t Say A Bad Word About Trump In Arizona – At Least Not Out Loud Anyway

scenic photo of Saguaro and other cactus and desert plants in Southern Arizona

by Richard Cameron   I spend the equivalent of about a week and a half a month on average in Arizona, assisting my elderly mother (95) to remain self-sufficient in her home in Sun City.  In doing so, I get what I think is a fairly accurate look at the state from outside the fishbowl. I can’t really argue that when it comes to my views regarding Donald Trump, that I am anymore a fish out of water than I am in the community I live in back in California,…

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Planned Parenthood Claims GOP Senators Are Blocking Access To Women’s Health Care

Code Pink activists stage protest on behalf of Planned Parenthood at US Capitol

by Richard Cameron An advertisement sponsored by the local affiliate of Planned Parenthood in Arizona, recently caught my attention – not because it is unusual for them to advertise, but for the dishonesty in the claim the voice over made. It was that GOP Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) and his party are attempting to “block” women from receiving services from Planned Parenthood. The “blocking” terminology is a leftover from Planned Parenthood’s initial push against the House version of the Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill, specifically the bill titled the “No Taxpayer…

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