Writer’s Lounge – Russian Discontent, Ukrainegate And Trump’s Off The Hook

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  Editor’s Note: Our staff journalist on Russian affairs and Eastern Europe, Kseniya Kirillova, has penned an analysis of the domestic political atmosphere in the Russian Federation, an overall growing disapproval of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his party, and the formation of a nascent resistance movement. She discusses the protests that have manifested increasingly since summer, most notably those between July and August and how they are incrementally influencing public opinion, which is moving away from Putin’s authoritarian regime.  One takeaway from Ms. Kirillova’s reporting, is the sort of…

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Jesus Would Be Facing A Prison Sentence In Federal Court On Migrant Smuggling Charges

image of Jesus Christ as portrayed in the CNN documentary series, "Finding Jesus"

by Richard Cameron   I, as a general matter of policy as Editor in Chief, tend to strenuously avoid articles that delve into religious issues. We have a sister publication, National Candle, whose wheelhouse is just that. However, rules are made to be broken. Had Jesus been incarnated in the flesh in the American Southwest and brought light, hope and salvation to residents and immigrants alike, in the border zones of the Sonora Desert between the United States and Mexico, He would have found himself under the close scrutiny of…

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