School Shootings Part Two – A Warning About Mishandling The Mental Health Component

photo of an informational display from the post war era, created by the Minnesota Mental Hygiene Society, touting the benefits to individuals and society of mental health treatment and counseling.

by Richard Cameron   In the first of this series on the mental health factors of school shooters, we examined the general outlines of the three main categories or psychological profiles of the (mostly) young men who commit these attacks.  In this follow up report, we’ll set forth the hazards of getting the public into a mindset of amateur diagnoses that could conceivably derail any successful program devised to assist those vulnerable individuals in need of professional counseling and treatment.  Before we do, however, I would just like to forward…

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The Shame of Assault, Molestation and Rape; and How False Accusers Damage Survivors

by J. Lee The Shame of Assault, Molestation, Rape and False Accusers My heart aches for girls, boys, women and men who have been victims of sexual crimes committed by family members, acquaintances and strangers. Rape and molestation is all about power and control. It is not about the age of the victim, what a person wears, the victims appearance, if the victim is sexually active or if the person is a prostitute. No means no! Even after a rape or assault crime, people are violated by the medical process, the rape kit…

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