School Shootings Part Two – A Warning About Mishandling The Mental Health Component

photo of an informational display from the post war era, created by the Minnesota Mental Hygiene Society, touting the benefits to individuals and society of mental health treatment and counseling.

by Richard Cameron   In the first of this series on the mental health factors of school shooters, we examined the general outlines of the three main categories or psychological profiles of the (mostly) young men who commit these attacks.  In this follow up report, we’ll set forth the hazards of getting the public into a mindset of amateur diagnoses that could conceivably derail any successful program devised to assist those vulnerable individuals in need of professional counseling and treatment.  Before we do, however, I would just like to forward…

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Silencing The Clanging Cymbals On Social Media

by Oletta Branstiter Social Media is not for the faint of heart. This is typical of the responses I receive for disagreeing with “Christian”, “Conservative”, “Republicans” (this one, from a woman – please pardon the unladylike profanity): “Well it’s seems your [sic] an asshole democrat who hates America !! but ok….Merry Christmas dickhead !!” Poor thing. It appears that she has run out of facts and logic and must defend her position with raw emotion. Examples of what NOT to do. Regrettably, this tactic has become an acceptable norm on…

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How To Advance Rational Thinking In Your Community

bronze statue of a woman in thought

  by Gleb Tsipursky Why don’t they teach this in high school?!? Or even college, for that matter. That’s the reaction that my wife and I had after attending Columbus Rationality meetings. This subgroup of the Humanist Community of Central Ohio, an affiliate of the American Humanist Association, hosts a wide variety of events devoted to advancing rational thinking strategies.   My wife and I aren’t alone in our reactions – many attendees report having similar experiences. After an event focused on effective decision-making, one participant reported in feedback sheets distributed afterwards that “this was…

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We’re All Gonna Die – With or Without Insurance – Let’s Aim for Magnificence in the Face of Fear

by Oletta Branstiter California Democrat Nancy Pelosi made a dire pronouncement regarding the Senate bill on the Republican version of health insurance legislation. On CBS This Morning, she warned, “We do know that many more people, hundreds of thousands of people, will die if this bill passes.” All of the drama and wringing of hands concerning the false right to health care serves as an effective distraction to reality. The very idea that humans have an unalienable right to “affordable health care” mandated by an oligarchy exempt from the very…

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 Do All Children Need Roots and Wings? Traditions vs. Memories

by Oletta Branstiter There’s an article published by that is circulating on Facebook lately.  I may have responded too quickly to the title of the post: “Why traditions and holidays are so important to your kids.” My reply was, “Unless your kids just aren’t that into them!” My children’s reaction to traditions and holidays was a consistent and wholehearted “Meh.” And I learned to love them for it. Our tradition was having no traditions. Birthday and Christmas celebrations were almost dreaded. Year after year, “Do we have to?” was…

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